Hot running

Posted on: 31 May 2017

I want to start this post by saying thank you to everyone who reads my stuff  and an even bigger thank you to everyone who commented last time and wished me luck , I really do appreciate it :)

So to the day in question , bank holiday Monday and the Vitality London 10000 . In the lead up I had rested for 3 days and was going stir crazy not running so on Sunday morning my youngest son Billy was playing in a cricket match at home so I took the opportunity to bowl a few balls at my  son Jack in the nets and it turned out to be a stupid idea because on Monday morning my shoulders were killing me . To be honest I hadn't felt right for a couple of days , my legs felt 'tight' especially my right thigh and I was worried I had blown my chance of a good run . We got down to Green park nice and early , advantage being I could find a toilet without queueing ! You should have seen the queues with 30 minutes to go , why do people leave it so late ? You know what is going to happen ! I got changed and tried to soak on the happy vibe , said goodbyes to my family and made my way to Blue pen , which was at the front . I found a spot to do my drills and got myself nice and loose . At this point I was feeling ok and forgot my aching shoulders. We had a brief speech from the organisers and a minutes silence for Manchester which was impeccably observed. At the off I got into my stride and early on made my mind up to hit it hard . First half of the race went to plan , I was steadily overtaking people and negotiated the first incline without issue . around the 6k mark I began to slow and found myself struggling to keep up the pace . I needed to run about 7minutes 40 secs per mile ( yes I know I am mixing up miles and KM's here ! ) to get my target but I was slowing around the 8 min mile mark . By the time I got to the approach to parliament I was feeling it , I was so hot . I saw a young girl had collapsed by the road , she had assistance but was in a bad way . I tried to tag onto some quicker runners and briefly raised the pace but by the time I was half way down birdcage walk I was done !! No sprint at all which worries me , second race this season where my sprint has abandoned me . Saw my family near the finish a gave them a wave and crossed the line in 48:38 , so 39 seconds slower than PB . GUTTED . I needed a brief rest on the railings and then grabbed my goody bag which is always good at this event . I love the t-shirt and medal but to be honest my head was down because all I could think about was the previous 12 weeks effort , the 5am starts and the bloody intervals ! I needed the portaloos again ( over hydrated ) . There was a mirror in there and i could see my face was as red as a tomato , and to be honest I don't think I have ever sweated so much while running . Tracy told me that even the 2nd placed male runner needed help at the finish , the conditions were not ideal . I am not a good runner in the heat ( I don't know how people run in hot countries , I couldn't do it ) and it beat me . I guess we can't always have the perfect race but I always get it in my mind that I can go quicker , it is what drives me on and i am not ready to accept that I have reached my peak .  We had a nice sit down in the park and watched and listened to Jo Pavey and Andrew Butchart being interviewed following their wins , and then spent the afternoon wandering around Leicester Square etc . It turned out to be a really nice day despite the forecast .

So to the future , I am planning to take part in the Mablethorpe half marathon in October and that will also enable me to have another go at the Luton half , even though I said I wouldn't do that one again ha ha ! I still want to get that 10k time down and i thin to help me do that I am going to pull my finger out and get back down to the local Parkruns , either Milton Keynes or Leighton Buzzard as I haven't taken part in a long while . I am taking 2 weeks off to recharge and then I am going to hit the roads like I have never hit them before . Beyond that I am going for a marathon again next year , which one depends on how lucky I am !!!

I am off to Great Yarmouth with several family members for a few days so i will catch up with you all soon . 

happy running 


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