Back in the old routine

Posted on: 12 Jun 2017

It’s like I’ve never been away!  Four runs a week, short on a Tuesday, long on a Sunday.  It’s almost becoming second nature.

I’ve just completed week six of the marathon improver programme which is taking me up to October for the Birmingham International and although it’s been a bit of an effort at times to fit all the runs in, I’m managing to stick to my schedule.

Moreover, there haven’t been any significant injury scares from my troublesome right thigh.  Twinges, yes.  Some tightness when stretching, definitely.  But it’s yet to affect me on a run and, for the moment at least, doesn’t seem to warrant any further attention from the physio.

I completed my longest run of the programme so far on Sunday, which was eight miles, and that’s also the longest since my last botched marathon attempt over the Easter holidays. 

I needed to set the alarm early so that I could be home in time for my daughter’s swimming lesson and for a Sunday morning I have to say 6am felt very early!  But it gave me time to get some breakfast down me and off I went in bright morning sunshine heading for the Chasewater reservoir.

A common theme of training last week was the wind, my goodness it’s been gusty – and Sunday was no exception.  It meant that by 10k distance I was really starting to fade, but after a brief walk up a hilly part of the route I found my rhythm again and kicked for home.

Slow-ish pace overall, but that’s what long runs are supposed to be about when marathon training.  I really need to remember that and conserve energy (and minimise the strain on my leg). 

At least summer training is giving me some flexibility about what time of day I can run, plus I have a few colleagues at work also keen to run with me for the odd lunchtime excursion.  I’m glad of the company and it helps me to control my pacing.

Coming up… 20 miles in total planned this week, with one run at half marathon pace and the rest ‘easy’.  Sunday’s long run will be a nine miler and then next weekend I’ll be back into double figures. 

I am going to combine my outing this weekend with a trip to watch the swim section of the Staffordshire Half Ironman as I have a couple of friends taking the plunge (literally!) and competing for the first time.  I have a great deal of admiration for them and how they have committed to all the training involved and hope they manage to get through it successfully.


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