Thigh don’t believe it

Posted on: 28 Jun 2017

Only the other day I was thinking to myself, that pain in my thigh has gone.  It wasn’t twinging after runs or when I climbed the stairs.  I could stretch properly during warm up.  Could it be that after more than three months of grief, I’m finally back to normal? 

Of course not.  That would be far too easy.

As my Garmin beeped out the tenth mile of Sunday’s long run, it was back.  A dull ache that steadily increases with intensity the more you run on it.  Just like Manchester, just my luck.

At least on Sunday I was in a position to stop.  I completed one last mile (albeit very gingerly), stretched, cooled down and then walked home.  Straight to the freezer, ice pack on and that calmed everything down.  Shame, because it was a pretty decent run up until then, averaging out at around 8:30min miles.

But clearly there is still a problem here and all I can think to do is take a week off and rest.  I haven’t had any meaningful rest time since the original strain to my adductors, except for in the immediate aftermath of Manchester and even that was only four or five days. 

A bit foolish in hindsight, but here I am.  I love being out there running, I want to stay fit and oh my goodness this self-enforced week of inactivity is going to be torturous!

In trying to understand why it’s flared up again, it’s probably no coincidence that it happened right at the end of the highest weekly mileage so far of this current training programme.  Week 8, 28 miles over four sessions.  Two 6-milers, then a five miler on Saturday and 11 on Sunday. 

And to top it all off, I played golf on one of my rest days to help out with a corporate fundraiser at work – so that’s another eight or so miles of walking. 

Yes, that might explain it.  Too much, too soon it would seem.  Damn you, marathon improver programme!

Annoyed as I am, I also need to keep things in perspective.  The improver programme is 24 weeks.  My last two marathons were both 16 week programmes and those served me well enough.  So I can afford a bit of down-time, hopefully without losing form. 

Also next week is a mercifully low mileage week, which will help me ease back into things providing I feel ready and confident to do so.

What to do with myself in the meantime…  Anything decent on the telly?  Any good books people can recommend?  It’s only Wednesday and I’m already getting cabin fever!


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