Bloody apps!

Posted on: 18 Jul 2017

Monday 17th July

Distance-unknown                                                                                      Time - unknown                                                                                Everything unkown!

That sums it up. I set off for 4 miles, on that run my usual route is a loop around Farlington Marshes which is three miles but due to the way the paths run it is possible to do a figure 8 instead, so I did that. And I think that is what buggered up my running app. It started off OK but somewhere along the line it went tits up and kept saying 'Workout Paused' (which it was set to do after 15 seconds of staying still) and then 'Workout Resumed' after anything up to 10 seconds, and this would be despite me still running. When I got home and checked it over there were lots of gaps on my run that weren't recorded, according to MapMyRun it was 4.11 miles. Time was not recorded either. So I really don't know, we'll call it a slow 4 miles with several walk breaks to stretch/sort out the app/'cos I was knackered.

Tuesday 18th July

Went for a run 4 mile run at 12 midnight injust under 48 minutes (loaded MapMyRun onto my phone). Tonight was a little more interesting that any recent runs. Very early I got the attention of a kerb crawler! He (or she) never actually said anything but they slowed down to my pace and followed just behind me for about 500m. I kept checking over my shoulder to see who it was or if they wanted something but I couldn't make out who was in the car. It was a bit worrying as you never know what their intentions are but I live here, I know the area very well and I know all the alleways, back streets etc so I was confident I could get away if necessary. Eventually I turned into a side road and they disappeared. I half expected to see them at the other end of the road but I didn't and I ducked down a few other side roads just in case they were waiting for me elsewhere.

Later in the run I came across two foxes having a scrap. They were in the middle of the road and were so intent on each other that they didn't see me until I was about 7 yards way, then they stopped to look at me before scarpering, still barking at each other. A little further on another fox was sitting on a grass verge and he just stayed there as I jogged by, obviously he didn't feel threatend by a sweaty puffing fat man wheezing by.   

So that's it, all my interesting stuff for the last two days. Now I am off to bed, it is 2:15am!

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