I give up...

Posted on: 19 Jul 2017

...with technology! Got an old phone out of the drawer, charged it, added Runkeeper and checked it was all OK. It loaded perfectly, the map and everything else showed on the screen so I was set. Dropped 14 yr old son at football training, I then drove the route I was going to take. It was just over 3 miles so if I added a lap of the park afterwards, bingo, 4 miles, job done. Happy days eh?

Except... bloody Runkeeper went AWOL as soon as I started running. Honestly, it was recording time only and not the distance. So said "Bugger it" anyway and set off as planned. It then proceeded to tell me every minute that I had ran for a minute. Believe me, this pisses you off after a while (in my case, 3 minutes!). I ignored it (according to the wife I am good at ignoring things), it shut up after a little while anyway BUT, then, after 28 minutes of running, it told me I had done 0.68miles! Talk about take the piss! I ignored the audio stats and kept going eventually getting back to the park and completing what I think is about 4 miles. With no time as the app reset itsbloodyself! More than likely I pressed a wrong button but I am on a technologies downer today so it's not my fault.

Oh yeah, yesterday I decided to take a rest day after 2 X 4 mile runs in two days. So played tennis for an hour instead! In the heat and humidity before the 'major' storm that I managed to somehow completely miss as I was snoring my head off! 

Weight is slightly down but my bloody sugar levels are slightly up. Could be because I ate too many biscuits/Trio bars yesterday. It's still a learning curve for me (only been diabetic about 10 years lol). Oh, and because I have a Degenerative Back Disease the physio has told me that I am not allowed to run. At all. Anywhere. Any distance. Bollix to that kind of advice, I AM A RUNNER! (for now). I AM going to do at least  one more marathon one day.

Never Ever Give Up

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