Supporting SportsAid Week and The #MyMiles Challenge

Posted on: 26 Sep 2017

Continuing our relationship with SportsAid we're asking all you buzzers to put your miles to some good by supporting SportsAid Week and The #MyMiles Challenge.

The #MyMiles challenge is new to SportsAid Week – a social media led campaign asking YOU to keep Britain's finest young athletes company while raising money to help them fulfil their sporting ambitions.

On average, a SportsAid athlete covers 40 miles under their own steam in training every week. They show huge levels of dedication and commitment, making many sacrifices along the way, as they strive to reach the top of their sport.

#MyMiles has been created to help shine a spotlight on the athlete journey and provide the British public with the opportunity to give their backing to the next generation during SportsAid Week (running 25 September to Sunday 1 October). 

How does #MyMiles work?
The #MyMiles challenge is accessible to everybody and only asks for a £2 donation. It's entirely up to you as to the distance you wish to cover - as long as you meet the minimum requirement of one mile. Here's a step-by-step guide for you....

  • Physically cover a distance of your choice (one mile minimum) via any form of exercise (if it's not easy to record the distance of your activity - 20 minutes = 1 mile)
  • Post a video or photo on social media upon completion - include the distance you've covered, tag SportsAid (see social media handles below) and use #MyMiles
  • Don't forget to nominate a friend, family member or colleague to continue the chain - make sure to remind them to donate upon completion!
  • Finish by texting 'WEEK40 £2' to 70070 to help Britain's brightest sporting prospects during the critical early stages of their careers

Twitter - @TeamSportsAid   Instagram - @TeamSportsAid Facebook - SportsAid

SportsAid #MyMiles

How shall I do #MyMiles?
How you decide to support the #MyMiles challenge is entirely in your hands. SportsAid will be keeping a running total of the distance covered and is looking to encourage a diverse range of activity - all led by you.

Perhaps opt for an Olympic or Paralympic discipline to add to #MyMiles, or incorporate it into your daily routine. Walking your dog or going for a lunchtime stroll both fit the bill! The distance you cover doesn't necessarily have to come via strenuous activity. #MyMiles is designed to work for you.   

If you are planning on doing a bigger physical challenge throughout SportsAid Week and would prefer not to limit yourself to a £2 donation, don't hesitate to seek extra sponsorship by setting up your own fundraising page and promote the #MyMiles message even further.

Also, if you're not a social media user, your contribution to #MyMiles is still just as valuable! Please email [email protected] informing us of the distance you've covered and make your nomination through your chosen communication method!

Can I do #MyMiles with other people?
The #MyMiles challenge gives you the chance to team up with friends, family members and colleagues to show your support for Britain's future Olympians and Paralympians. There's lots of great ways you can contribute towards the overall total.

Here's a few things to remember if you do complete the #MyMiles challenge as a group....

  • Make sure to keep a track of the distance you cover - for example, if a group of 20 complete an hour of activity, that's 60 miles between you!
  • Get everybody involved to donate £2 each and continue the chain - you could decide between you to nominate another group of people rather than all doing so individually
  • You can keep your donation simple with one person gathering up the money and texting 'WEEK40' followed by the amount raised to 70072 e.g. 'WEEK40 £60'

Where does the money raised go?
The money raised by the #MyMiles challenge and during SportsAid Week will directly support young athletes. SportsAid helps over 1,000 up-and-coming stars every year as they look to cover the many different costs associated with their sport.

Your contribution to #MyMiles will make a real difference. Let's keep as many young athletes company as we can! 

You can help support the next generation of young British athletes by getting involved in SportsAid Week. Visit for more information on the #MyMiles challenge.


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