Another new thing!

Posted on: 24 Dec 2017

As I mentioned last time I had an MRI scan appointment at Hemel Hempstead General Hospital, that has happened and I am now awaiting the outcome.  Whatever it is I won’t let it stop me.

If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I do like to try out new things.  Sometimes it is a one off and sometimes it opens up a whole new host of opportunities.

This latest jape has definitely whetted my appetite for a new hobby!

Having been around this site for a while now I have read about many things that people participate in, not just marathon running.

Anyhow I have had an interest in cyclocross for a few months now, I thought it was a discipline confined to the Benelux countries but it turns out that is very popular, and growing here in Blighty too.

I found that there was the Central CX League for the sport and a handily local fixture in Berkhamsted.  What’s more there is a novice event in the race schedule, you can use a mountain bike and you don’t need a British Cycling race licence to enter.  This had to be my best chance of giving it a go.

So on a very cold Sunday morning I lined up on the start grid with 25 others.  As I didn’t have a clue what I was doing I started on the back row, my aim was to keep out of trouble and get around without mishap.  It might have been my first ever competitive race on a bike but I didn’t mind if I finished last, I was there purely for the experience.

The start was a blur, the so called novices were not all novices clearly as many shot off and were out of sight in seconds!  I was second from last after about 30 seconds but not bothered about the position, as suddenly I had a muddy bank to contend with and that was quickly followed by a sandpit to get through.

Venturing on I actually managed to overtake someone on a tight bend, hang on this was a race wasn’t it?

I was then jostling with a guy for a couple of minutes for position, not sure what happened but suddenly I was clear of him.  The competitive spirit was sneaking back in.  Another rider in front slipped on mud and fell off.  No time to stop, find a way around and keep going.  It was pretty hard going and I was getting extremely tired towards the end.  I kept going and I made sure that no one overtook me and was glad to get over the finish line.

It was a chip timed race and the results were published soon after, I finished in 19th place out of 26 starters so was happy with that for a debut.  I was most happy that I had tried something that I was very apprehensive about and found that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I want to get myself a proper cyclocross bike in time for next season!

A few photos to illustrate including my ungainly dismount on the bridge, I need to improve my technique!

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