2017 summary and two parkruns

Posted on: 30 Dec 2017

It’s my last post of 2017 and time to remember what happened during the past year.

A check of Strava tells me that I have cycled 2,652 miles in over the last 12 months and run a total of 201 miles, most of that in the last couple of months since I started running again in October.

Highlights for me were completing the London Surrey 100 in under 6 hours, climbing over 7,700ft during the El Teide challenge and completing my first ever cycle race, the cyclocross event a couple of weeks ago.  On two feet the highlights are simply everything I have done since starting again in October, just happy to be putting one foot in front of the other.

I must also include a separate highlight category and that is the meet ups with Team realbuzz.  Three for me this year, Yve’s 100th parkrun, the HU5K and Fulham Palace parkrun.  I am looking forward to more in 2018, it’s great to meet a wonderful bunch!

Since my last post there’s not too much to tell, I have a couple of new parkruns under my belt, I am most certainly not going to challenge Nick for number of venues ticked off but I think I am safely into double figures now.

The first one was on Christmas Day at Panshanger, I remember Nick writing this one up so will spare you the details of what the course is like.  I quite enjoyed it and will go there again though.

The other one was earlier today, for me my second venue Down Under (I am doing a bit better challenging Nick for Australian parkruns!)

This was Whitfords Nodes in WA, a pretty new parkrun this was just the seventh event so far.

Two laps of a course that started in finished in the park but had an out and back section on the cycle path that heads north and the first lap had a section through the dunes.

This was the first parkrun I have encountered where you were warned not just to look out for dog walkers, cyclists etc but also warned about snakes!

An 8am start to take advantage of it being cooler didn’t help much when the temperature was already 27c when we started.

Let’s just say it was hard work with the heat and full on beaming sunshine.  The section in the dunes had a horror hill, luckily that was only on the first lap, and I didn’t see anyone run up that all the way, walking seemed the better option.  The faster guys most probably did but they were way out of my sight before then.

I had a wobbly moment with about 800m to go, I think the sunshine and heat were doing their worst, I stopped, took a couple of deep breaths and plodded on again.  I do mean plodded, there was no sprint finish today!  I finished in 18th place (I do like a parkrun with a smaller field) and was 2nd in my age category.  Time was 25:05 which amazed me since I had walked a bit and stopped totally at one point.

(tried several times to insert a picture - this feature had been sorted out but doesn't now - please realbuzz get this sorted once and for all)

A picture afterwards with my sister in law who had joined me for the run, even she found it hard work in the heat and she has to run the dunes hill three times as part of a boot camp!

So, 2018 is just around the corner and I have two events booked so far, Oakley 20 in March and the London Duathlon in September.  There will be more to come for sure.  I hope to see many of you next year but for now Happy New Year to you all!

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