Week six, dodging the showers.

Posted on: 28 Jan 2018

Hello all, well it seems that across Britain runners have been suffering out on the streets and trails getting drenched and buffeted by high winds. Here in sunny Manchester we seem to have been quite lucky, even my long run yesterday managed to avoid any rain at all, the predicted day-long deluge having got held up in the Pennines I think. In fact I hardly got wet at all this week.

And it has been a good week, the 6th of the training plan which means almost halfway to taper! Jenny and I have kept up the regular stretching, foam rolling core and weights which seem to be paying dividends and the most exciting thing for me is the return of pace! I had thought at one point last year I'd never see good pace again but it is returning. :) After taking it easy with targets in the first 4 weeks I have now had 2 weeks aimed at more speedy targets, what I've loved is the tempo and long runs where the targets feel comfortable but nippy. In week one my long target pace for 10 miles was 9.00, I didn't quite achieve that. This week target pace for my 15 miler was 8.40 and I averaged 8.30 without feeling like it was too too hard. I know there is still a long, LONG way to go before I can confidently aim at sub 8 minute miles for a whole marathon, but I am going in the right direction. I've been running with a new spring in my step since learning I am in London, still can't get over how thrilled I am to be doing that great race again this year!

Our speed session was 5x1200m @ 6.45, Jenny and I did this one together, we struggle to get a route that is straight and flat and traffic free, and lit, as we had no choice but to run in the dark, so our route was half uphill and all on roads with a lot of corners! So I'm not too bothered that I didn't hit the target, I just sneaked under 7.00 min miles on average, by about 100th of a second! But last time we did 1200m reps, five weeks ago, my average was 7.15 so that's a nice improvement.

Tempo was 5 miles @ 7.25 and I ran in sunshine(!) to a 7.21 average.

Long run was going very well till about 10 miles when my phone had a meltdown and I lost my directions so the last 5 miles were a bit hampered by not really knowing the way, but all the way I felt good in my body, my legs felt strong and I was a very happy runner!

This coming weekend we are up to 17 miles so this is where the fun really begins, BRING IT ON!!

Happy training everyone.

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