Week 3, don't over do it

Posted on: 07 Feb 2018

So, week 3 of my training is done and dusted. I have been running with a good feeling almost all week, so far it feels good. Only cloud on my otherwise clear sky is that my hip is complaining a little. It’s the same hip that bothered me last year when I increased my training, but this year I know the signals and I know what happens if I ignore them so I put in an extra days rest before my long run, I cut the long run a bit shorter than the plan said and I have been better at doing my stretches and rehab exercises that I got from the physio last year. The hip feels ok today so I guess I’m on the right track. But lets look at the week from the beginning, starting with a picture from outside my job (the brown building in the corner, next to city hall. The statue is of the King that founded our city, the tale tells us that he pointed and said "the city shall be built here").

Monday was rest day as usual. Tuesday was distance run day, so went out for 7 km after work. Sometimes I run home from work but that is around 8 km and after doing 16 km on Sunday I figured I better keep it according to plan and not overdo anything. So out in the dark I went. It is getting lighter here every day but still it’s dark at 17 which is the earliest I get home from work. It went ok, legs felt a little tired so kept it slow and steady. I kind of hate that I feel that I should stick to the lit paths, like cycle lanes and such, I don’t want to be limited like that but I also don’t want to meet the wrong person in the wrong place. Not that that happens a lot here, but the feeling is still there. It could happen so better safe than sorry I guess. But needless to say, I can’t wait for daylight to return so I can run my favourite paths more regularly.

Anyway. Wednesday was another rest day, plan was to get up early to go to the gym at work for the stretch class I’ve been to before, but after a night of lousy sleep I didn’t feel like getting up an hour earlier than I usually do. Sleep is also important. =D My grandmother has not been well the last couple of weeks, so my mind have been a bit occupied by that, which affects my sleep of course. As some of you know, I live quite far away from my family so I can’t be there as much as I sometimes want.

I decided to skip circuit training this week and instead to my speed session on Thursday, in case I had do go home over the weekend. I have a great place for these runs, it’s a cycle path that used to be a railway so it’s flat and relatively straight for most parts. Perfect for speed! Which is also true for people on bikes and rollerskis so sometimes it’s quite crowded, like on weekends. I had a short session to do, 15 mins warm up which I’m very careful not to cut short since I know how important it is especially in this cold weather, then a few sprints to get the pace up, and then 3 mins-2 mins-1 min running, with 1 min walk in between, repeated 2 times. I had some aims for the pace and managed to reach them, and do better the second time. So very happy with that. Cool down jog home, and then a hot shower. We don’t have snow at the moment but it’s quite cold so I can feel it affecting my breathing when I run at a quicker pace than I’m used to.

Double rest days after the speed session, started to feel the hip a little, and don't want it to get as bad as last year. Hubby went to his parents over the weekend but I decided to stay home and have a really restful weekend. On Saturday I went for a little trip to a nearby town, took a walk in their city park and just enjoyed it. On Sunday it was time for long run again. Decided to make a shorter route than suggested by the training plan to make it easier for the hip. After all, it's only my third week of training, don't want to increase the mileage too fast. So decided on about 90 mins running, or run/walk as I usually do it and went on a familiar route, over that bridge and back. I have a love/hate relationship with that bridge, the views are spectacular and the feeling when you have run out and back over it is amazing. But when you start the climb you always wonder why you do it. =D 

It was a cold day, around -3 degrees and windy, so when I climbed the bridge I had to cover my face. Looked like a bank robber. =D It felt much easier than I thought it would, I guess I'm doing something right with my training after all, just need to find the right balance. And when I started to make my way home I could run for long parts, didn't feel much need to walk. Only walked some uphill bits, and when I needed some water. Came home before dark this time, just a bit cold. My scarf actually froze on the way home. I ended as I started, with a good stretch of the hip and legs, a gentle massage and then rest. 

Will need to think ahead a bit to make sure I get enough rest days around my long runs each week, I really want to do as many long runs as possible, since I know that is my weak spot. And I have to get better at doing my stretches and rehab exercises or I will get injured again. Will you all remind me of this when I make excuses not to do them please? =) 

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