In bits...

Posted on: 18 Feb 2018

My last 2 weeks have been...well mostly pretty rubbish really :-(

My last blog mentioned my triumphant 17 mile run where my hip felt fine.  So all was good and I was back on track. Or so I thought.  What I didn't mention (because I thought it insignificant) is that my right calf felt a little 'odd' after the run.  Nothing that I few stretches wouldn't sort out I thought.  

My calf carried on feeling strange for a few days.  I was due to do my next run on Wednesday evening (8 mile tempo) which I felt was plenty of time to rest it.  As soon as I set out for my tempo run I knew that all was not good.  Within a couple of miles I knew that I was causing damage by running.  The trouble was that I was now 2 miles from home and freezing. I had to choose between running home (at a shuffle) and walking home and getting very cold. I was not happy.

I decided to rest until Saturday's parkrun and see how I got on there.  Not good.  I had to stop after a mile.  To be fair it was the muddiest park run imaginable and would have been hard in the best of circumstances! David and I had a half marathon trial race booked the next day and I knew then that I needed to pull out of that too.  I was gutted.  

It's obvious that I have a problelm with my right side generally (I have one leg shorter than the other apparently) and that as much stretching and work on my hips and glutes as possible is the answer.  I decided to not run at all until the next Wednesday which would mean a whole week off (except for the 1 mile of park run!).  I did plenty of TLC in the meantime.

The next run was a speed session (on Valetines day as it happened - who said romance was dead?!).  I went out with David in the freezing rain with no intention to worry about speed but just trying to run a bit.  He was doing 12 x 400 meters.  i was just running for the same amount of time as him a and taking it relatively easy.  I managed 9 reps before I felt that my calf might go again so stopped at this point.  A total of only 15 minutes running!

More rest until another attempt at parkrun yesterday.  I felt that my calf was much better but not 100%.  I started off feeling a little tight but the pain had now moved to the back of my right leg above my knee. But thankfully the tightness eased and I managed to run the whole thing.  Each mile was faster than the last and my final mile was sub 9 minutes.  I was actually running properly for the first time in weeks and it felt great!

Today was a planned 18 miles.  I was obviously apprehensive about this as quite Frankly my fitness and knackered right leg are all over the place so I had no idea what to expect.  I was prepared to cut the run short to 13 miles if need I started off pretty well and with very little discomfort.  But eventually it got to me and it wasn't long before I knew that I wasn't going to last the full 18 miles.  After around 7 miles my calf was starting to feel quite painful.  I was determined to get to 13 miles regardless but the discomfort started to feel 'dangerous' like I might do more damage if I carried on.  At just over 9 miles I had to stop.  I was a mile away from home and had to limp back: cold, deflated, frustrated, and on the brink of tears.

Today's events have helped me make a decision that I've been deliberating over all week - I'm going to pull out of Manchester.   I've been blessed with an unexpected place in London just 2 weeks later.  My leg is definately getting better but I don't feel that I can get fit enough in time to run Manchester; and risk causing problems for myself in London.  I can instead build up slowly to concentrate on getting fit enough to do justice in London instead.

I'm going to cut out 'speed' sessions until my leg is completely healed and do these as slow miles instead.  Fingers crossed that if I keep treating my leg with lots of TLC it will start to behave for me!


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