Weeks 9 and 10!

Posted on: 29 Mar 2018

Hi buzzers! Another catch up-blog, two weeks this time. I tried to keep it short, but we all know how that usually goes. It has been my weeks 9 and 10 in training, and they have been pretty good when it comes to the actual running. Mentally I have had a tougher time, I've struggled with motivation and had a hard time seeing the purpose of my training. It got better when the sun came out thise weekend, but it's still some kind of niggle in my mind. Here comes the running in review! At least it has been fairly consistent.

Week 9 I started with rest day on Monday, after my long run on the Sunday.  Tuesday it felt ok  with a 5 k evening recovery run, kept a fairly good pace of 7:11 min/km and managed do run even up the nasty hill that I usually try to avoid by doing the run in the other direction so it becomes a down hill. =) 
Thursday the circuit training was cancelled, so I went for another evening run. Since I had a race coming up on Saturday I didn't want to push it on a speed session. Instead I did 6 km after work, it was dark and a little cold but at least no snow. Good pace, felt ok.

Saturday, race time! I ran this race last year and had a really good run, but after that I realized that my hip was broken so was forced to total rest for 2 weeks. I have learned from that. =) Last year it was real spring weather, this year I woke up to -7 degrees in the morning, and a nice cold wind from the north. Actually regreted that I had entered, staying in bed seemed so much nicer but I had payed for it so of I went. On the tram of course since our car is broken. I got there pretty short time before the start, didn't want to hang around in the cold, so just a visit to the loo, picked up my nomber, left my bag and then headed to the start. 

I knew I was likely to be at the pack of the pack, last year I was last by a huge margin haha, so I kept at the back and plodded on in my pace. Last year I did a pretty perfect race with lap 1 in 55 mins, and lap 2 in 54 mins so finish in 1:49:50-something, bang on target. With the colder weather this year, and me not being in the same place with my training I knew it was unlikely that I would do that this year, but as long as I was sub-2 hours I was happy. On the first lap I had 2 ladies in front of me, they run only slightly faster than me so I had them in my view almost all the time. Good to know I wasn't totally alone. At the drinking station half way around the didn't stop so the came pretty far ahead, but I managed to get closer again and lapped just behind them. The course was almost free from ice but it's not exactly flat so it felt tough at times. Also had a bit trouble with the breathing because of the cold, but in the sunny parts of the course it felt really nice. At least I was only freezing when I had a direct head wind, so I got the choice of clothes right for the day. I think I lapped in around 56 mins so not much slower than last year. 

On lap 2 I kept going behind the other ladies, but in the first hill around 11 km I caught them as all of us walked the hill, and I thanked them for pacing me so well. =) Had some more water at 12 km but since it was so cold it was ice bits in it. Not nice! The ladies again got ahead of me, but at 15 km I caught them up and knew it was only the last 800 m left, so I kept going when they had to walk and they never managed to catch me again. It felt good that I could go faster at this point, there are some down hill parts but even so I was surprised that my pace in the last 700 m was 6:09 min/km! I finished in 1:55:40, with two persons behind me, so very pleased with that. A good long run, had I been out on my own I would not have pushed myself at all in that cold. 

On the course I chatted with one of our parkrun regulars (we had to cancel this week again) who did the long version of the race (20 miles), turned out he is training for London! So another person to look for there. =) 

On Sunday I couldn't resist the beautiful weather, sun was shining and the wind was practically gone, so went for a long walk. I think I was out for 2 hours or something, and it felt really good. 

Week 10 I rested again on Monday, I'm always tired on Mondays so it feels like it's no use trying to run even if I rested on Sunday. 

Tuesday I ran home from work in fantastic spring weather! It's good when you can start laying of layers of clothing haha. 7,6 km in 55 mins, a really good run. The next day it was snowing again, of course. Bloody long winter this year, I have to say, even here in the frozen north.

Thursday it was time for circuit training again! A tough class this week, and for the first time I felt sick after doing a lot of burpees. But I think I broke my record, so that might be why. After I took a short run on the treadmill, but only managed 2 km haha. Legs were so tired so decided to just don't push it. 

On Saturday it was time for parkrun again! The weather was boring though so planned my long run for Sunday instead. Funny thing, as our car is still broken I had to take the tram. As I got of a lady asked me, in english, if I knew where the exercise center was. I saw her apricot jacket and understood she was a tourist for parkrun. I showed her the way and we got to talking and it turned out she had the same home parkrun as our Flying Machine Yve, and knew who she was. It's a small world. =) 

Sunday I finally had some luck with the weather for my long run. I planned 12 miles or around 2,5 hours. Sun was shining, so thin layers of clothing, no jacket, and sunglasses on! Splendid! After about 2 km my left knee started to feel weird, it felt like it was very unstable. Fortunately the feeling disappeared so I could keep running. I had regular walking breaks, about every 20 mins, and felt very good. As I came down to the sea though, fog was rolling in, and it got very cold. It went from clear sunshine to complete thick in just a few minutes. A bit of dementor feeling, if you are in to Harry Potter you know what I mean. =) I kept warm as long as I kept running so just to plod along. When I turned away from the sea the sun came back and it got nice and warm again. 

It was a bit warmer than I'm used to so had to stop at a supermarket to refill my water bottle after 8 miles. Time to start bringing two bottles or always run a route with a store. =) After about 15 km/9 miles my hip started to complain, turns out it's not strong enough to cope with my long runs at the moment. It doesn't hurt that much but I can feel that it is weak and it affects my running, which makes it tougher. I had planned my run a bit short but after som twists and turns I was home, having done 20,2 km/12,6 miles. A really good run, if only my hip was stronger I probably could run farther. 

Same path as a few weeks ago, then it was all ice! 

So this week I will try to do my hip exercises, no cheating! Since it's easter weekend I will have 4 days of work, a lot of time for running and training. =) I plan a long run of 25 km/15-16 miles, one of the days, we'll see how that goes. 

So happy easter everybody, happy tapering for you who have marathons coming up soon, keep calm and eat lots of eggs. =) 

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