The slow plod towards spring.......

Posted on: 06 Apr 2018

The first 3 days of March were so grim (very cold; snow; ice), I stayed indoors and hibernated. No apologies for that.

Day 4 looked better: very foggy (just in Luzern! - webcams elsewhere revealed some sun managing to struggle through), but at least the temperature was finally the right side of zero. Feeling the need to escape - a late decision, so it couldn't be far - we decided on Sarnen, from where we walked to Alpnachstad via Wichelsee. Not the most exciting of walks (along the river and lake quite pleasant; alongside the main road less so!) but SO enjoyed the sun, which had meanwhile broken through in earnest. Paths were deep in slush and pools of water (thank god for Goretex), which made for quite slow and tricky going; sections on asphalt were easier, except for a stretch of black ice by a quarry. Saw two gliders on aerotow at the little airfield at Kägiswil, and a big flock of swans at Wichelsee, foraging on the adjoining grass, as well as coots and moorhens; also an astonishing number of molehills in places. Just missed a train at Alpnachstad thanks to rebuilding works at the station blocking the way, so went in the station cafe and had coffee and cake - not the worst way to end a walk. 10.37 kms, 1:58:45.

5th March: with J, went to check the state of defrosting in the Bireggwald, but found it still too slippery, so got out and went over to the lake. (Bit of Woodland a bit skiddy too, but by hanging onto the handrail and taking micro-steps, survived unscathed.) There was sunshine! The frozen, snow-flattened flowers were starting to revive, and an unidentified but happy-sounding bird was singing loudly by the Wagner Museum. We even saw a Brimstone butterfly! Only 5k, but it did the spirit good.

6th March: an evening run with J. (I wanted to go earlier, but had to wait in for someone....... who then didn't come, grrrr.) Deciding the Bireggwald was still best avoided, we went along the lake to the Ufschötti, and threw in a couple of rounds of the school track on the way back, returning via Wartegg, Weinbergli, steps, Gardens Path, and Hirtenhof. It was cold and drizzly....... but these things are relative, after recent conditions! I felt surprisingly strong, quite powering on at times - even J. commented on this. An unexpectedly satisfying 7.34 kms. Especially as it earned me my first 4 zones in the newly discovered 'Conquercise' challenge.

7th March: another early evening outing with J. Snow and ice nearly gone now, and  Bireggwald back on the agenda, yay! Just a quickie, 4.5 kms.

9th March: another late decision! - but it turned out well. Train to Zofingen, a steep uphill plod to Wisseberg (there's always a clue in the name: if it ends with 'berg', expect an upill!), then onward past fields and orchards,