Skiing, Supporting and Shropshire

Posted on: 11 May 2018

Hello Buzzers 😀

So much has happened since my last blog that I’d better do a longer version and a shorter version 😂😂

This one’s the shorter version believe it or not! 😂😂😂

Skiing was absolutely amazing! Still 4m of snow at the top and a fantastic sunny week with great snow conditions for the time of year. For the last two days, the temperature ranged from 25C at the bottom to 5C up on the glacier! Proper tee-shirt skiing weather 😀 Total distance skied, 139.7 miles, 127,125 feet of descent and a new top speed PB of 44.8mph 😊 Only downsides were the left knee took exception as it always does and the right shoulder (which got upset months ago after pulling up loads of sycamore and brambles on the Open Space) got worse through that week.  

So very proud to take this very special tee shirt to the top of the mountain 😊                  

Belle Plagne village, 2100m

Supporting our runners at the VLM the day after getting back from the Alps - totally awesome day as always. Nothing like spending the day with such great friends and enjoying that special atmosphere! Ballot duly applied for for next year but given the number of applicants, I guess we’ll probably all be supporting again 😂😂

Our amazing Buzzer legends 😊

The day after that, an appointment with the podiatrist. Yes, peroneal tendinopathy in both feet, arthritis in the ankles and a suspected subclinical stress fracture at the base of the fifth metatarsal. Plaster casts of feet taken and custom orthotics on order. He’s hopeful these will fix the current problems. Had to spend a lot of our savings on the feet and ankles as in the NHS was likely to take 12 to 15 months to get referred  and I needed quick answers and solutions given what’s lined up this year.  Later that day, a hip ultrasound showed no trochanteric bursitis as the GP predicted so an MRI was recommended so - that might take a while too! 

I didn’t feel too good by Monday night and put it down to coming down from altitude and a very busy few days. By next day, a sore throat and bit of a chesty cough made its presence felt - not bad, just irritating and aim having trouble shaking this one off. Two days after that on the Friday, we left for Shropshire to take part in the rescheduled Shropshire Way 80k Ultra. Absolutely brilliant to meet up with the Boltys at the start and to have Mrs Bolty supporting 😊 Despite the silent fear I’ve had since signing up for this last year, we finished, finally covering 86.25km with 2200m of elevation in 22 hours 46 minutes. The pride has taken a while to come, I suspect because I was convinced that this was going to be my first DNF because my hips are so rubbish at hills! It was easily the hardest challenge I’ve ever done. A good sleep on the Sunday afternoon and a fantastic meal out with the Boltys on the Sunday evening before returning home on Monday.

With the legendary Sir and Lady Bolty before the start of the SW80             

So much for resting the week after - a mad week catching up with things at home followed. Parkrun Tail Walker on Saturday plus a few extra yards beforehand to #FinishForMatt, then another mad week this week playing catch up in the garden and on the Open Space. No walking of note (not much time available plus trying to rest the foot, ankles, knee and hip), just a couple of short ones to keep things moving.  

I totally shocked myself yesterday though! I had part of a prescription to pick up from the chemist and Richard was saying how little training he was getting done since I’m technically still ‘resting’, so I suggested a run walk, via the chemists and on around a local loop. He was up for that despite the warning that it would probably be more walking than running as my knee and hip have been particularly bad the last couple of days. To my absolute surprise, I ended up jogging about 95% of the 4.1 mile route, done in 51 minutes (excluding the chemist stop). The 15 minute wait in the chemist was so irritating as I’d warmed up nicely by then. It’s the first time I’ve tried running in the Altras and the difference they make is profound. I’m using them with gel heel inserts though as the podiatrist banned me from wearing them on the grounds they’re ‘zero-drop’ which would be disastrous for feet like mine which supinate. An evening visit to the podiatrist last night confirmed that I’m OK to wear them with the gel heels 😊 He fitted the new custom orthotics last night with instructions to build up the wear very gradually. First impressions - the right one is really comfortable, the left one is horrible uncomfortable. Let’s hope they get better as I get used to them although I have no plans to start wearing them until after this weekend, I have enough sore bits already 😂😂😂 

I’ll be Tail walking at Parkrun again tomorrow, then on Sunday, the London Ten Mile in Richmond Park. Can’t wait to meet up with HD and his sister who are also running it 😁  At it’s rather undulating, there’ll likely be far more walking than running but I’ll give it my best shot 😊

Now for those who want more detail about the Shropshire Ultra, I’ll try and write something up very soon! 


Happy training everyone 😊😊 xx

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