Another slice of April

Posted on: 22 May 2018

Still trying to catch up.......

8th April: feeling rather stiff and sore after the previous day's fall, just a gentle outing to visit a mediaeval fair at Obergütsch. Mediaeval crafts, food, entertainment, and lots of people in costume. It was interesting, but hot and very crowded, so we took our half-eaten Flammkuchen and walked up onto Sonnenberg and finished it on a bench by the children's playground, before walking some way along the ridge and back. Sunny but very windy up on the top. Called in at Schweizerhüsli on the way back; had a beer, made friends with a cat happily sunbathing on a windowsill, and said hello to the two donkeys in an adjoining field, before returning to Obergütsch and the bus home. 4.68 kms to finish the week - annoyingly just 20m short of 53 kms.

The soreness got worse before it got better, so it was another 4 days (12th April) before I and my rainbow-hued bruises ventured out again with a score to settle. Twike to the Horw peninsula, then I did the first 4 kms solo while J. talked business with Boy Farmer - up onto the hill, a couple of rounds, down to the Highland cattle (out in the field today), and back across the middle, where I found J getting changed ready to join me. It was a gorgeous evening: sunny, windy, incredibly clear, even distant mountains defined in sharp detail. We did the usual round as far as the chapel, then cut down towards the lake. We meant to go down through the Ottiger vineyards, but mistook the path and ended up on a much steeper one which came out near Winkel. On to the nature reserve at Steinibachried (no frogs, alas), a bit further to the sports centre (and the gravel works!) to collect another Conquercise zone, then back to the lake. Along the lakeside, with a quick stop at my favourite public toilets for some water; found the lower end of the vineyards path, and toiled back up onto the peninsula again. It came out near the Highland cattle field, where the blond bull was lording it over his harem of brunette wives and several calves. Completing the round back to Boy Farmer's, I noticed another bull also out in a field. "He's rather well-endowed," I commented....... at which the bull, seemingly appreciating the compliment, turned and looked at me, right on cue! I left J rummaging round the farm shop prior to Twiking home, and carried on solo again. Woman on a mission! - that 20k was going down today! Over to the Bireggwald, via the Stations of the Cross, the old people's home, the ridge above Horw, and up the road where a sign outside one house proclaims 'Der Kaffee ist parat': 'the coffee is ready'. (I always wonder what response I would get if I rang the doorbell and requested some!) A notice at the top announced a diversion, but it proved to be a very short one and not at all critical. Through the Biotope, past the athletics track, and the left hand path up. At the junction with the other one, I checked it and found the fallen trees had finally been cleared, though the ground was very rutted and uneven and still littered with fallen branches. Along the Tessinerweg and back (getting tired now), past the goats (where another runner coming the other way asked for directions to Allmend), and the final plod along Waldrand, adding in the extension via the trough. Home with 21.35 kms on the clock - mission accomplished. True, it did take me 3 hours! (3:03:23 to be exact) - but was not devoid of 'Höhenmeter' (elevation.) (HM completed in 2:59.) There 'may' have been some walking - mostly steeper bits in either direction, any particularly rooty sections (a bit nervous now), and when the low sun dazzled me and I couldn't see where I was putting my feet - but I felt I had paid my dues. My knees weren't too happy! (but when are they ever......?)

15th April: 'Evening walk with J. Since the previous Thursday, the trees have begun misting over with green, and wood sorrel has replaced the wood anemones. (I love the way it makes little gardens on tree stumps!) I suspect there are foxes living under the shed up at Oberrüti; we've left offerings (Rocky's abandoned dog chews) there before, and they've disappeared, so we left a couple more. J went home down the zigzags, and I did an extra loop over the middle hills. The path that's usually boggy was dry this time, and it made a really nice round - so nice, I did it twice. The paths in general are very kind at the moment: dry, but not hard like concrete; still with some give in them. Home via ponds and Waldrand. Got nettled inspecting a big snail shell to see if it was occupied. (It was.) I LOVE this time of year!' (Copied verbatim from my notes written at the time.) 9.16 kms, and  1 hr 56.

17th April: a lovely sunny evening for a run. Dawdled with J through the Bireggwald and the Biotope; he went home, and I decided on a whim to run past my former place of work at Südpol and see if my colleagues were there. They were! - I just timed it at their break, and several of them were outside. A quick catch up, then it felt good to be able to run on as they trooped back inside for the second half of their rehearsal. (A short 'Kostprobe' recorded on A's phone made me very glad I didn't have to do it!) Home via the cycle track, moving quite speedily now, the long hill up to Sternegg (which I had always thought of as 'impossible' to run........ but it wasn't), gardens path, and Waldrand. 12.52 kms, 1:51:48.

18th April: back in the Bireggwald to take some photos. Just because. Because I'm in love with the Bireggwald at this time of year! 5.63 kms, time irrelevant.