Weeks 17 and 18 - The ones with the heat and the painful foot

Posted on: 29 May 2018

Coming home from a holiday is of course never as nice as going on a holiday. A week away from my job meant about 100 unread email in my inbox, lots of calls and lots to catch up on. The good thing about it was that the weather had taken influence from Greece and gave us a nice heat wave (that actually is still ongoing), so lunch break walks were lovely, and I have had lunch outside many days. 

I biked to work on Monday and Tuesday, nice and warm of course. Only bad thing was my hip started complaining again. I don't think it likes biking. I ran a lot (for me) on holiday without trouble but biking two days in a row was not appreciated. I went back to the chiropractor on Wednesday and he did some thing to it so it felt a bit better, but not perfect. Decided to go to my physiotherapist instead and have her treat the hip, that seems to help much more than the chiropractor. 

Thursday was bank holiday so no work, and time for my last long run before Stockholm. A real scorcher of a day with 27 degrees already around 11 am, so decided to run later in the afternoon when it had started to cool of. I'm not sure temperature went down tht much but around 17 I decided I had to go so I wouldn't be out too late. Plan was at least 3 hours out there, preferably managing 25-27 km. But things didn't quite go to plan. I thought the heat would be my problem but instead it was my right foot. After only 4-5 km I started to feel pain on the inside of the foot, after 8 km I had to stop and try to stretch it and massage it. I probably should have taken this as a sign to stop and go home, but that's not really my style. =)

Instead I kept going, and for parts the foot was ok, but still had to stop and massage it now and then. The walking breaks got longer and longer and after 17,5 km I decided I had had enough. It was not getting better and I was afraid to damage it too much. I was angry so I started walking to the next tram stop, but there was a wait so I kept walking. 5 stops later I was less angry so jumped on the next tram home. All in all I managed 17,5 km running (run-ish) and 2,8 km walking so almost a half marathon in total and 3 hours of training, but it was not the kind of training I wanted. 

Very worried about my foot but had a physio appointment the week after so used the weekend to massage, stretch and rehab. It seemed to work, the foot felt better after just a few days. 

Monday next week I biked to work again, a good start to the week. On Tuesday it was race day again! Because of the foot pain I only decided to enter two days prior and promised myself to stop running if the foot hurt. The race was a 11,5 km trail race, I have ran it 2 years before and is usually my warm up to my local half. This year I was invited to a wedding instead (Not the royal one =D) so no half for me. Felt sad about it all week, all my running friends here were so excited and I felt left out. But the trailrace went well, they change the course every year so can't really compare the times but I was only 2 mins slower than last year, even though they added an extra mountain to run over. Happy with that and I got my bling. =)

I could feel that I haven't done much (any) trail running this spring, instead I have been chewing up the tarmac. I think I have to get back to the trails if I'm going to finish the little marathon in Snowdoina, there are some nice hills there. 

On Wednesday I had my physio appointment and she helped me loosen up the hip and calfes, and had a go at my feet aswell since we had the time. Felt so much better after that, and she didn't think I had any lasting damage in the foot. Just a reminder to keep doing my rehab exercises so stay strong. 

On Thursday it was time for circuit training again, I hadn't been in weeks because of holidays and stuf so was prepared it would be brutal. But instead it felt ok, I felt strong and could keep all circuits pretty much equal in effort. 

Saturday was of course wedding day! I went for a run in the morning, nice and fast with my new Garmin buddy! 4 km in just over 25 mins, very speedy for me! We watched the royal wedding as a warm up, while getting ready, and then went to our friends wedding. An amazing day, as weddings often are. =) 

So that was another 2 weeks of training. Not the way I wanted it, and I could feel time running away from me. My plan was to get more long runs done this time, but I haven't really managed that. But I try to trust my past experiences and just be calm and smart about it. We'll see how that goes...

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