Have you ever seen a seahorse run 10 miles in the sunshine?

Posted on: 03 Jun 2018


Hi all, 


Sounds a bit weird eh? Bear with me - it does make sense! 😂


I have been going to get a tattoo for a very long time now (7 long years) to celebrate my beautiful dad - who left us very suddenly without any warning the night before I was due to run a half marathon - my last message from him was that he would be with me in spirit the following day and how much he loved me - I was lucky, he always said that 😍 


I didn't run that race that year - I can't remember much that went on in the weeks that followed, but I did know as time went on that I would like to celebrate him somehow - now, a seahorse is a symbol of fatherhood (no brainer then really)


I continued running over the years - I was lucky I had run with my dad when I was younger, before his arthritis got really bad. But finally, this week, thanks to one of my very best friends doing a sneaky and booking me in without me knowing I finally got my tattoo - I know they aren't for everyone - but I love it - and I was very lucky it wasn't too painful - which hence meant that today I could get out there and take him for a test drive in the heat!! 😂 Apart from my face now looking like its been barbecued and me feeling a bit woozy when I got back all is well! 

Training is still going well - me and my Mr H are signed up for HU5K in a couple of weeks - looking forward to catching up with some of you then! 😊👍


In the meantime, this week I must catch up on everyone's blogs - there has been so much outstanding achievements going on 👏👏 even in all this heat!! 


Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend - happy running! 😀

Oh and if I'm lucky and managed to upload a photo - here is my seahorse - who ran 10 miles with me today ❤️

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