Starting to crank up the mileage

Posted on: 19 Jun 2018

Nothing major to report on the training front of late, although in a couple of week’s time I take on the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool bike ride. It’s one of my annual events I look forward to, and usually my first 100 miler of the year, but thankfully I’ve already got one of those in the bag with a recent trip to Jodrell Bank.

We took the opportunity of the recent Royal wedding to capitalise on the quiet Cheshire roads and chalk up a relatively flat century ride. This pic made us look like we are some new characters in a Dr Who episode - the Cyclons perhaps?

My long-term goal for the year was to ride 5,000 miles - that’s just over 96 miles a week on average - and while I’m behind the point where I should be at this point in the year, I know with a good few summer months I’ll soon start making up the ground and get back on target.

July and August I usually take the odd day off here and there to fit in some extra training, so that will be the plan again this year. If you are out and about in North Wales or Cheshire on Wednesday’s over the next few months then look out for me. The green and black hopefully makes me stand out a mile.

I'm also doing a fair bit of commuting 2-3 times a week (around 30+ miles round trip each time) so that's also starting to help with the mileage aswell as the fitness, although a 3-day stag do trip to Malaga recently probably didn't help.

There has been a lot of discussion about this shocking incident over the weekend at the Windsor triathlon. I’ll let you all make your own mind up about it, but it’s fair to say that the riders undertaking the horse on the inside need to have a real hard look at themselves.

As I understand it, the race was not on closed roads, so the usual rules of the road should apply, even if you are in the middle of a race. As usual the actions of a few are used to tar all cyclists with the same broad brush.

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