And the heatwave continued.....

Posted on: 16 Sep 2018

Arriving back in Switzerland in mid-July, I found it even hotter than in England - some days up to around 34°, with just the odd half-hearted thunderstorm (thunder and lightning, but almost no rain) to briefly cool it down a couple of degrees. I took advantage of one of these transient intervals for a short run to test out my new Garmin. (The old one broke while I was in England - well, the strap did, and was held together with glue and bits of thread until I finally accepted that it was beyond repair and couldn't be replaced; time to pension it off and get a new one. I managed  to find one not impossibly complicated, and can live with the fact that the strap is a lurid bile yellow!) But that was the only running I did for weeks - it was just TOO hot. I did go out for walks, though - mostly in the woods, and mostly late evening, since I don't do early mornings. Not a lot to say about them. One took us over to the Biotope, in search of Unken. We did hear a couple, but there were none to be seen. Probably it was already a bit late in the year. Sad to see how many of the ponds had dried up in the drought - I hope at least some of the tadpoles made it to froghood. On another occasion, I rescued a frog from the Bengal cat: I saw it staring intently at something in the bushes, then pounce, but it was only when I saw the legs sticking out of its mouth that I realized what it was. I shouted and waved my arms, and it dropped it. I kept guard over the frog (it seemed traumatized but unhurt) while J hurried home and fetched a container. With some difficulty we persuaded it to jump in, then I released it on the other side of the little stream along the edge of the woods. That was one lucky frog!

There were also a few longer walks further afield. The first of these was from Engelberg up towards Surenenpass. We hoped it might be cooler up there, but no luck; certainly the first few kms, from Engelberg to Wasserfallen, were absolutely baking. From there we took the cablecar up to Fürigen, and had lunch at the restaurant at the top. Even up here, though, it was hot.