Deep Purple

Posted on: 20 Sep 2018

Oh wow! What can I say?  What a fabulous weekend!  Everyone, everywhere wore purple.  They ran, some fast, some not so fast but they ran. Hold on..  it’s not ‘they’ it’s ‘we’. Yes, WE ran as one for a special cause.

 I read Nick’s blog earlier and heck, I felt emotional, he has achieved so much with his running but this time he was running for the cause, running like the rest of us for pure enjoyment and running because we care. 


 It was a special cause, and Hollywood has already written about how we had a job to do.


 What a job was done!  All over the place Buzzers donned their best purple shirts and ran some miles or kilometers if you prefer.


 I was lucky enough to have a gathering nearby, what started a few weeks back with the Head Coach Hollywood suggesting that we could do St Albans parkrun became a realbuzz meet up!  When Hollywood first contacted me I said let’s see when Jane is available, she was in as soon as she heard and then things just snowballed.  Amazed at just how many came at such short notice and I can only apologise that we didn’t organise anything after the tea and cake at the park café.


 This was the third time St Albans had hosted a Great Oggie Run, we ran here for the first one back in 2013 and then again in 2014.  Let’s not leave it so long next time.


 As for my personal run, well I had roped my friend Claire into joining us.  Not her first time meeting some of you and she was more than happy to join in once I promised that we would not be running hard or fast.  We were both tackling the London Duathlon the following day so needed to keep the powder dry.

We walked to the park and saw Jane first, having a little warm up and then into the car park where Team Realbuzz were assembling.  Everywhere I looked I saw a familiar face with a purple shirt.  Some I had seen more recently, others like RD and Jenny it had been a while but time didn’t matter, I was (and still am) so pleased to catch up with the greatest team on earth.

 As already mentioned this was the first time on the new course in the park, the route now went behind the toilet block, which when the run director announced, caused some raised eyebrows and drew a few comments (yes HOBS I mean you!)



Once we set off it was quite crowded during the first part, no matter as today was not about setting a fast time.  In fact as we were supposed to be taking it easy then it was actually good for us.  The first mile was around 9 minutes, as the crowd thinned we started to get quicker, mile 2 was 8 minutes.  We were getting faster without realising.  As we made it into the home straight I could see RD, Nick and HD ahead.  Claire reminded me that it was not the time to chase them down.  We still managed to get through mile 3 in 7.38 however.

 Once finished it was time to give support to the rest of the team, we went back and saw each and every one home until Team Realbuzz had conquered.  The job was done so off to the Inn on the Park for tea and cake.  I still can’t believe how that place gets away with charging almost £8 for a baked potato with chilli!  Outrageous!

I don’t have any pics to add to what has already been published so signing off for now and it’s the duathlon story coming next time.



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