The one with a race and a pre-race cold

Posted on: 26 Sep 2018

Hi buzzers,

I'm behind on the blogging again, life seems to have other plans for me all the time. Autumn is a busy period apparently. I left you last time after some hill reps I had done, part of my preparations for Snowdonia marathon. 

That weekend (8 sept) I had a 10k race, I run it every year so it's tradition now after 6 years. This year was the first time it rained, and boy did it rain. I packed my bag the day before since I had parkrun in the morning, then a qualification course so I should be able to work at our general elections, and then the race in the afternoon. On Friday evening the forecast only showed a little drizzle, so I packed shorts and vest. Big mistake. When it was time to start the rain was pouring down and I was soaked after the first km. The nice wind didn't really help either, especially not up on the bridge. 

At the end I was so cold I almost couldn't move my fingers, I just wanted it to be over. I had a plan to keep running after the race to get a good long run done, but I was so cold I just put on my dry clothes after I finished and then headed back to the car by boat instead. After a long, hot shower I started to feel better again but I was afraid I was going to catch a cold after that race. 

On the Sunday I worked all day, and half the night, at the general election. I helped people with the voting and counted the votes after. A very interesting but long day, and I started to feel the cold coming. On Tuesday I had to give up and go home from work, to try and get better fast. That plan kind of worked, I started to feel better after just a few days. Maybe it was the race in combination with exhaustion after the long election day that made it feel worse than it really was. 

On Saturday I felt good enough to go volounteer at parkrun again, I was tailwalking and if that felt good I was going to keep running by myself after, since this day was the day of the Great Oggie Run. That deserves its own post though, so I'll just say I got a good long run done with a few hills in it. A good day! 

On Sunday I felt really good, and after reading about everybodys adventures on the Oggie Run I really felt like going for another run so did a few hilly kms in the evening. A very good weekend. 

On Tuesday I decided to run home from work, but my legs were very tired after the weekend (14 miles in 2 days) so I cut it short to save myself. The weather was realy nice though, probably the last day of summer with 22-23 degrees and sunshine. 

Thursdays generally means circuit training for me, but due to unlucky circumstances I haven't been able to go for a few weeks. Not good since that was a crucial bit of my Snowdon plan, get the legs and core stronger. This last Thursday was no exception, I had to rush home to my parents since my Grandmother got really ill and was in very critical condition. Thankfully she bounced back and is now pretty ok, but obviously I was not home for circuit training. Both Thursday and Friday was spent in the hospital so not a lot of training done then. 

But on Saturday (22 sept) me and mum decided to go to parkrun in the morning, both of us needed a bit of fresh air and excercise. And I was surprised by my result, 30:56, didn't think I had that kind of pace in me at the moment. =) 

Russian tourist stopping to take pics of the cows! =) 

Everything was stable with grandma so I went back home to Gothenburg on Sunday morning. After all the sitting around in the hospital I really needed to go for a run, and I'm getting a bit stressed about Snowdon. 26 miles is far enough, add the hills and I don't know why the hell I entered haha. So out I went, maybe not the best decision since I could feel the cold starting to come back. But long runs are supposed to be slow so plodded around for 11 miles. And I got to see a lovely sunset.

I have tried to work out a plan for Snowdon, I find it much harder to get the long runs done now than in the spring, I don't really know why. But I have entered a 30 k hilly terrain race that goes this Saturday in Stockholm, so I would at least get one decent long run done and perfectly placed with 4 weeks to go. But the long run on Sunday got my cold starting again so now I'm trying to fight it with Vicks First Defence, Coldzyme, Sambucol, ginger shots, and every other thing I can think of. I really need to run that race! 

Plus, I have to go anyway since I'm meeting mum there. She is starting her "Swedish classic" which is a challenge of 30 km running in September, 90 km cross country skiing in March, 300 km cycling in June and 3 km open water swimming in July. So I'm there for the first stage, whether I'm fit to run or not. Please keep your fingers crossed I can keep the cold away! 

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