One wee-eeek

Posted on: 28 Sep 2018

Evening all.

Well, the ticks have nearly ticked, the tocks are tocking.  One week today, I shall be one day into the three day Atlantic Coast Challenge.  Hopefully, it'll be a case of one marathon (and a little bit) down, two (and a couple of other little bits to go).

How do I feel?  Well, ready to get on with it if I am honest.  September has been a funny month.  It has dragged in some ways, as I have been waiting for this run for ages - I'd say that I have had my eye on it for 3 years or so now; I should have done it last year, but needed to defer.  In other ways, though, it has sped by; like a student approaching exams, I could always do with one more week or two of training.  Ah well, we are where we are.

Runs wise, I have ticked off a few more happily enough and have tapered away now.  The last long run was a week or so ago, an 18 miler from home into work - it's a cycle path and so OK but the problem is that it's so full of, well, bikes!  That means that I have to keep my wits about me as they zoom all around.  Ah well, traffic free.

I have also been doing a lot of trail runs of course.  That has meant plenty of miles (but only in short, tapering windows) on the Cotswold Way.  As always, I have loved those miles.  As always, they're tough - the good news is that it means that I have been getting some ACC elevation into my legs.  At this time of year, of course, memories abound.  Both two days ago, and yesterday, I knew that I had to take to The Way - it was three years ago that I became a centurion.   I needed to feel that ground beneath my feet once again.  A shame that I wasn't in tandem with Dave, but we will be sharing miles together soon enough, and will hopefully drive each other on as we Escape from Meriden once more.

Yesterday, Vicky shared some photos she took at the end of the CW102 three years ago.  They were fab and, along with so many of my own timeline photos and comments, kindled a thousand memories - and, if I'm honest, still more than a little pride.  What also happened was that a number of you commented about how proud you are to count us Hawkesbury folk as friends.  Well, all I can say in complete honesty, is that the feeling is entirely mutual.  I am very little without you lot - it sounds trite, but there's a lot of truth in it.  This wonderful community has a lot to amswer for, and in the best of ways; I think many of us feel that we are driven on by each other.  We are links in an amazing chain, and the whole is so, so much greater than the sum of its parts.  So, straight back at you, Realbuzzers!

I am off now, to have my first (and maybe my second!) beer of the week.  Some chap called Red Dave is in town, and the Beaufort beckons I believe.  We shall drink to the mutual health of Realbuzz.

On a yard, one and all.


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