More Activity this Week

Posted on: 30 Sep 2018

Getting myself into a more training mood now, with a lunch time 2.5 miles & a 5 mile run today down in Seaford. It was a beautiful day for it, my run route is along the Seaford sea front & the sea was like a mill pond. The only downside about running on the coast is that generally there is a strong breeze, but I guess that can be equated to running uphill!

So, my next event is the Richmond Park HM in late November, & my aim is to try and beat a 2 hour time for a HM. I managed 5 miles today in 47 minutes, which puts me close to that goal if I keep the pace up! See how it goes next Sunday.

My plank challenge is up to 1 min & 30 secs, & will be 2 mins tomorrow, so wish me well with that, it is surprisingly hard!

Best of luck to anyone competing, training or entering a run soon, let me know how you are getting on!


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