London Marathon Virgin

Posted on: 09 Oct 2018

I apologise for blogging before I’m up to date with everyone’s but I’m just so excited I couldn’t wait (especially in case someone beats me to this title)

The postman arrived on Monday morning and Alan passed me a package with the comment “think it’s your NO package, bit thin though, do they send your top separate”?

I ripped open the plastic to reveal the ‘You’re in” slogan.  Total disbelief then Alan pipe’s up; “Bit unfortunate that – putting ‘Urine’ on a magazine cover!”  Oh Ha!

Saw Marc’s message then the huge list of No’s came in and my heart felt heavy for everyone, I had believed it would be our year!

Still unsure of the truth I logged onto the RealBuzz Hub this morning to double check and it’s definitely true.  Wow!  I've a bib number and everything!

I reiterate, Sorry, it will be a long wait at mile 22.5 but I feel confident you will be there!

My next task is a ‘bluey’ to my nephew currently serving in the Caribbean I know he will be dead chuffed for me.

And finally and note to Parkinson’s to let them know I have a place and I want to run it for them.  It was a promise I made the first time I entered the ballot.  I intend to deliver on my promise.

Thank you for all your messages already, I hope I will do you all proud come April 28th 2019 and thank you for always being there during the long 5 year wait.

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