It's been a good week :-)

Posted on: 18 Nov 2018

Snowdon feels like a lifetime ago.  I think I may just have recovered now - physically and mentally.  I confess that my confidence was knocked with how things went on the day but since then things have been great.

I went out for a gentle couple of miles on the Wednesday after Snowdon and my knee felt much better (which was great but kind of anoying that it was so painful on the day).  I then did Wilmslow park run on the Saturday.  It wasn't fast and it wasn't easy but I enjoyed it.

Then the week after it was back to my hill sessions.  The knee was a bit sore going uphill but fine otherwise.

Park run the next Saturday (i.e. 2 weeks after Snowdon) was to be at South Manchester.  This is the flatest park run locally and where I got my 24.34 PB a few years ago.  I've been much slower for the last couple of years which has been frustrating.  But over the last few months I've had a feeling that my fitness has been improving. So I decided to see if I could get a PB for the year which would mean going under 27.23.  David and I had done a 5k a few days earlier in 27 1/2 minutes so I was hopeful.  Long story short I absolutely smashed it!  I finished in 26.06!!  I couldn't believe it.  I'm not sure if I'll ever get back to my 'hey day' but it felt good to be proud of a run.

So on to this week.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I've entered Manchester marathon for 2019! My traning plan will start mid December  but I'm on a 'pre-training plan training plan' at the moment (!) as I don't want to lose fitness.  

Thursday I wanted to do 5 miles.  It was going to be a hectic day so the only way to fit my running in would be to combine it with walking the dog.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  I took her to a nearby nature reserve and we set off together through the woods.  She is an absolute joy to run with -darting around through the trees and around me with the biggest doggy smile on her face.  She also likes to have a swim every now and then!!

Then Saturday was park run time again.  David and I headed back to Wilmslow.  My all time PB at Wilmslow was 27.12 (I never did this one in my hey day!).  It's more challenging than South Manchester but could I get an all time PB after my performance one week earlier??!!  The first mile was very congested and I had to get on the grass quite a bit to get past people.  It was feeling touch and go in the last 1/2 a mile and there's a pretty nasty little hill right near the end but I made it!! 26.59.   I was over the moon.  PB ALERT!!

Then Saturday afternoon we went to the opening of a new Realbuzz store in Manchester and met the athlete Jenny Meadows.  She was absolutely lovely.  We spent ages chatting to her and she was much more interested in our running than talking about herself.  We ended up telling her that we met through realbuzz and telling her about our wedding last year and the fact that we did lyme park parkrun on our wedding day.  She was so enthusiastic and warm.  Later on that day I sent her a message via her professional facebook page just to say how nice it was to meet her.  Within about half an hour she'd sent me a lovely message back and also sent me a freind request on facebook via her personal account.  How lovely!

So all in all things are going well for me.   I'd lost my running mojo a bit over the past few years so it's been great to have a confidence boost over the past couple of weeks.  And I'm really enjoying my running.  The question is can I squeeze in another couple of PBs for the year at different courses before the year is out?  I've got my eyes on Bramhall, Burnage, Woodbank, and Stretford.  Watch this space!

Happy running everyone!

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