Why is running in the morning so useful?

Posted on: 23 Nov 2018

1. First of all, running is important for the heart, for cardiovascular activity. Physical training helps the heart to beat clearly, evenly, strongly and easily supply the body with well-oxygenated blood.

2. Improves overall health, makes a person resilient.

3. Helps to lose weight. True, it is important to understand that the first 30 minutes the body takes the energy of carbohydrates, and then it is taken for fat reserves. So it is optimal for weight loss to run from 30 minutes to an hour. But no more. Because then the body will use the protein accumulated in the muscles as a fuel.

4. This is the least expensive sport. Of the costs - running shoes (this is a must if you want to learn how to run correctly and without injuries) and sportswear. The less clothes you have, the better.

5. Accelerates metabolic processes, removes cholesterol, promotes leaching of decay products from the body.

6. Running changes mood. Sports will help fight with laziness, depression, and despondency. Set daily tasks for yourself - and see how you will enjoy your success every time. As for me  - another perfect way to relax is listen to music. Just put on your headphones and enjoy the sound! Check it - https://www.bestadvisers.co.uk/best-headphones.

7. Improves digestion.

8. Strengthens muscles. First of all, when running, legs are involved. But the correct position of the body during exercise will also help strengthen the muscles of the arms, abs and the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

9. Running in fresh air hardens, improves immunity.

10. And finally, regular jogging in the park is a great way to meet! Come out to the track at the same time - and you will find that you meet the same faces. Smile, joke or make a compliment. Men love them no less than women.  

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