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Posted on: 23 Nov 2018

Good mood to you all! Today, the agenda is cycling in headphones, and we will carefully examine this topic.

If you visit our publics in social networks, you have already witnessed disputes over headphones, someone for, someone against. And now I will try to sort everything out and offer a compromise!

Why do cyclists love to ride with headphones?
Personally, I forgot to introduce myself, this article is written by Zhenya, I often ride in headphones and that is why:

- in headphones it is much more fun to ride;

- with the help of music, I take a rest and get distracted from everyday problems for a short period;

- music is different, but I listen to the one that raises the spirits and motivates, or audiobooks;
Why is it dangerous to ride in headphones?
And indeed, despite the advantages of such a passion, listening to music is life threatening. And this is not a joke.

Riding with music in your ears you:

- lose concentration on the road;

- do not hear extraneous sounds;

- Your response to emergency situations is significantly reduced;

- there are no more reasons, but the above lines have substantial weight.

What to do when listening to music is a hunt, but there is also no desire to become a participant in an accident?

There are several options for avoiding misfortune. First, listen to music in only one earpiece. Secondly, listen to music on the floor tone, or even lower. To hear all the other sounds. By the way, the funniest thing is that a bicyclist on all the included headphones better appreciates the situation on the road than a motorist in a switched off radio tape recorder. And the third option is to turn on the headphones only when driving out of town.

How do I do it myself . I use overhead headphones like theseĀ https://www.bestadvisor.com/best-headphones, but I never take it to full volume in city driving mode, I also always try to be as concentrated as possible and visually monitor the situation around me. In recent years, skiing in this mode has never had any problems on the road due to the fact that I did not hear something or music just prevented me.

Here is my simple decision and opinion. What do you think? Write in the comments, subscribe to the e-mail newsletter and be careful on the roads!

P.S. Some useful information
People are tied to listening to music because of a very simple thing - good music induces pleasure centers in our brain. This has been the case since ancient times.

And yet, more recently, France has introduced a law that prohibits the use of headphones for talking on the phone. Prohibits not only drivers, but also cyclists. In other words - you can not ride in the headphones. The most interesting thing is that the law is quite promising and there is a possibility that the law will spread throughout Europe.

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