So what’s occurring!?

Posted on: 07 Dec 2018

Well it seems all of sudden there’s quite a bit occurring and December is always my quiet month.  My rule is that I never ‘race’ in December, I use the word ‘race’ in the loosest sense, so even though I’ve stuck to this it’s all a bit busy!

Firstly on a whim I decided that running a minimum of 5km everyday during the month of December would be ‘fun’!  At the back of my mind I had been thinking about doing this but this idea had got mixed up with the other 101 thoughts that are generally circling around my brain until Kirsty mentioned that she was going to give it a go.  Ping and there it was the idea had returned to the forefront of my mind, and before I could think of the consequences I said I would join Kirsty in the challenge up until I fly to Kerala on 28th December (not sure of running opportunities when I get there but I will be cycling anyway)!   Then the Buzzers announced that some of them were joining the challenge and all of a sudden we had an epic team taking on the December dashing daily dare!  So here we are on day 7 and unsurprisingly this week we have had rain of such epic proportions that I am sure an Ark sailed passed me this morning as I navigated my way through the water filled potholes, past the abandoned umbrellas and stayed upright as I skidded over the sodden fallen leaves!  I am actually really enjoying the challenge and the support of Team 4D keeps the motivation going as each day I peer out of the window whilst the rain lashes against the glass!  Including today I have logged 31.6 miles for December which is certainly much further than I would have run otherwise plus I added to the challenge by signing up for this; and it’s still not a race!

The other excitement for this month is that I now have a place for the London Marathon 2019!  It certainly was not via the ballot or GFA but through a competition on Facebook; yes some of the competitions are genuine and you do win!   The competition was run by Holiday Inn who are one of the sponsors of the London Marathon and they asked the following:

‘What gets you up and running? For some it’s the thrill of the challenge or raising funds for charity, for others it’s exploring new areas or running socially.  Share with us whatever it is that gets you moving in the comments section below to win yourself a starting place in the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon!’

And this is how I won!

I actually posted my comment and completely forgot about it until I received the message that I had won!  I did think it was too good to be true and I wouldn’t believe or post about it until I received the official email that took an agonising 3 weeks!   But it is true and I also have Holiday Inn accommodation in Camden thrown in!  I really wanted to run the London Marathon in 2019 for my 50th year and now I am and I am taking it seriously, very seriously; I actually have a bona fide training plan!  Obviously it’s me so it is not that straightforward as I am on holiday for 2 weeks at a crucial point in training so there has been some plan tweaking!  I am very excited as you can imagine.  Some of you may be aware that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia earlier this year, after many years on the NHS Specialist Circuit/Waiting List, and as I won the competition talking about it I would like to raise awareness.  Now I am under no illusions and know that nobody is going to sponsor me to run a marathon and I wouldn’t ask as that would be pretty ludicrous, however I was thinking of running a sweepstake to guess my finishing time and the closest guess would get a couple of bottles of Prosecco donated by me!   Most of us are a bit competitive and I was thinking of suggesting a £2 donation per guess, what do you think?  I would also include a list of all my road marathon times so those with an analytical mind could study my form so to speak, however looking at my erratic finishing times it might be more of a hindrance than a help!

Finally I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s 5km as I am running the Calne Santa's Scamper, this is certainly not a race as I think last year with all the stopping and photos it took us nearly 45 minutes to finish!  Hopefully the rain will hold off as I am not sure how robust our Santa Suits will be in torrential rain!  Here we are before the off last year:


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