Realbuzz Performance Of The Year 2018.......RESULTS!

Posted on: 27 Dec 2018

Good morning everyone.I hope you have all had a fantastic christmas and are enjoying turkey sandwiches and champagne for breakfast every day me then ! 

Below are the results for the performance of the year. I know it was very hard for many of you to choose only 3 performances as the standard on here is second to none,but ive always said that greatness should be rewarded and what could be better than being voted the greatest by the members of the greatest team in the whole wide Realbuzz.Now ,please dont be sad if youve not made the list,do not be angry or bitter,ive 19 performances that have been voted for and if you are not in them that does not mean your of any less importance or your any less brilliant than those that have been nominated. But, if you do get the hump then the only way to anger that emotion is to trying harder in 2019! prove everyone wrong!go grab this award nexy year! we go!! 

19th place.........Kick-As-Kat 100km Jurrasic coast challenge.

  We kick of this year's nominations with last years champion! Kat took on this huge 62 mile challenge earlier in the year with her rock of a hubby richard. Kat if you didnt know has A.S,its a disease that effects the bones in the body,she has had surgery after surgery and still she comes back for more! She stood on the startline of this challenge and we all know what happens when she does that...she also crosses the finish line....and she did!! Another ultra demolished from one of our toughest and most humblest of members.


18th place.........Jane  New York Marathon.

Jane is a running machine,as tough as they come,ive ran many miles with her and i dont think ive ran with someone so bang on with pace and heart and guts and fight. This year she tried to conquer the New York Marathon. She is known as 2.12 jane as her pace at halfway for any marathon (apart from maybe snowdon) is 2.12....and she didnt dissapoint around those streets of new york! she Flew around the course in her union jack outfit and brought home the bling! We only send our toughest abroad,she done us proud!


17th place......Yve     Race to the stones.

Now yve is a flying machine,with a finishing kick that would give Mo Farah nightmares! she has ran many a park run,many a marathon but never an ultra! well,this was about to change around the race to the stones course. 50km lay ahead,it never stood a chance,this wonderful lady has more talent then she will ever realise,she demolished it,step by step ripping the course apart,and after a few long hours in the brutal heat of our english summer she brought home the bling! and became a very welcome member to the ultra running club!


16th place........Eemelie........Snowdon marathon.

Our super swede em is a tough nut,brought up in the freezing winters of sweden,she has ran many a time past polar bears wearing scarfs its so cold! now,running in that temparature makes you tough,makes you resilient,makes you want to take on the toughest marathon in britain,and she did! she ran through those welsh mountains like a true mountain goat,hoping from one brilliance to another.It was a tough day,cold and wet,but our super swede brushed that aside and after a few hours she crossed the finishing line to truly earn her piece of welsh mountain slate. Im sure she will be back,shes not built to take any backwards steps!


15th place.....nick sirs       200 park runs

This man is a true legend.A champion of many races in the past,he is even mentioned on google if you search his name! But our nick never brags or boasts of his outstanding running achievements,He could have hang his scorching trainers up many a year ago and be content with his many trophies and medals but he didnt,and boy are we glad he didnt! Every saturday our fastest is out there ,touring the country finding park run after park run.At st albans this year he crossed his 200th finish line,is he going to stop? of course he isnt! hes our nick,he will run on and on and on,beating record after record after record. I love this man.


14th place......Richard and vicki parker      support crew 

Us runners get all the applause and back slaps,we get the medals and the feeling of taking on a course and ripping out its heart,we get the memories. But,we often forget about those who support us,the ones who we couldnt have got around those courses without. This year jim and hobs ran escape from meridian.68 miles in total. They needed the very best in support crew and they got it in richard and vicki. Time after time they fed and watered our 2 buzzers,they kept their spirits up when the going got very tough,they gave them a car to sit in when a warm seat was needed but the most important thing they gave them was their time. They didnt receive a medal,or applause,or the feeling of ripping a courses heart out,they recieved something more special, gratitude.


13th place........Marika.......Her final last few yards

I had known marika for 3 years or so,first meeting at the brighton marathon 2017.Her smile and lust for life in those times was second to none.i introduced her to you buzzers as i thought she would fit in well.she was one of us.Its hard for me to write these words as over the following months after brighton marikas cancer got worse and worse,until ultimately it took her life this year. I spoke with marika every week in her final 6 months and in that time she never once complained of her illness or the hand she was dealt,she kept that incredible smile going right to the very end. She ,in my eyes, is the person i want to be most like, staring death in the eyes and still moving towards it with not one backward step.Facing fate and not backing down.Her honour and dignity in her final few weeks is something ill take with me forever. I think a sentance given by DCW in why he voted for her sums it up perfectly.   'this is given for all the tough miles she tackled,and all the peaceful roads ahead'.        RIP lovely lady.


12 th place.........Vin       Berlin marathon.

Vin is a stalwart of team realbuzz.Hes been here on and off for many a year.He has had many many injury problems,especially his calf but he is still a multiple marathon finisher. We all know that vin loves the london marathon,its his holy grail to one day run it in under 4 hours. That day will come. This year it was his turn to attempt the Berlin marathon.Once again training didnty go according to plan for him,injury struck early on and didnt let up to give him a afir crack of the whip.But still he hit the startline,and just like many realbuzzer,once the startline is crossed there is only one outcome......victory! And victory came for our vin when just under 5 hours later he crossed the finish line and added another impressive marathon to his belt!


11th place.......nick sirs and hollywood dave    st albans park run.

Ive ran with many of you,Ive shared many a mile and many a smile with almost all of you,there was one person though who has always been way to quick for me to run nick sirs! At the st albans park run we ran in memory of marika. i had been very ill the week before and wasnt sure if i could run,i knew i could at least go to watch but i didnt know until the day of the event if running was possible. Well,once young nick said he wanted to run with me all my illness drained away! He lifted me up,and dragged me around that course in honour of marika in a tad over 25 minutes. We played the alphabet game,we chatted,i attempted to pull away from him(bad mistake as he covered my spurt with immense ease!)he stayed with me when i struggled,we crossed the line together.THANK YOU nick,a day i will never EVER forget.


10th place........Joe and hollywood dave snowdon marathon.

Last year joe came to snowdon to watch mew finish my 10th and final marathon of my challenge.He also met many of you and you blew him away,so much so that he enterred the snowdon marathon this year.He is only 21 and as skinny as a rake,the perfect runners physique,but injury kept knocking him down,in the first 3 months of training his longest run was 4 miles. i ran with him a couple of times and managed to get him up to 15 miles in august,but then he hardly ran again until race day. what i saw come race day proves to me my daughter is in safe hands,at mile 4 he could hardly walk,his calf and foot were giving him huge pain,we still had 22 miles to go.he cursed,he cried,he fought,he wanted to stop,he found a second wind,he hit the wall,he limped,he cried somemore,then just before 6 hours from the start,he finished.i had witnesed first hand how incredibly tough marathons are and how easy it is to walk of the course if the right person is not helping you through.


9th place.....gloshawk and hobs cowboy    Escape From Meridan

These two young men and behemoths of realbuzz continue to inspire.they are both past champions of this award and events like this one prove to us all why. The idea of this event is that everyone start of in the same location (roughly the centre of england ,the meridan) then everyone runs home! wherever home may be! in jim and hobs case this was 68 miles away.These two gents are used to running together ,especially long distances together,and this one would be no different.they started at midnight and as long as they get home then the job is done. i believe they had an 18 hour target in their minds ,its always good to give yourself a target or a goal to go for,something to aim for,even if that goal or aim is 18 hours away. They powered through the centre of england heading towards their homes in the Cotswold's...and guess what? not only did they destroy the course they also beat there target time by an hour! an incredible performance from 2 incredible men.


8th place.......Mad max        Brighton marathon

Max is a slightly newer member to the site,its always hard to become a member of a very exclusive club,but she went about it in exactly the right way,she listened,she learnt,she gave advice,we listened,she proved her toughness,she met with us all,the rest is history. for any new members reading this please please do try to get involved,we are a lovely bunch of nutters! once you step into the inner circle we will ALWAYS have your back. Max ran brighton this year ,it was the start of her year of greatness,but in this marathon she had problems,she had foot trouble,and foot trouble in any marathon is big trouble! but she ploughed through,never once taking the easy option to quit but the tougher option to find a way....and she did!!


7th place.........bev/max/yve    race to the stones

Our terrific trio took on this very tough ultra during the heatwave of our very hot summer! the 3 of them had never ran an ultra before,bev and yve had troubles in training,max still recovering from brighton. This was a race where i handed out the realbuzz baton (only given to our toughest during the toughest) and boy did they do that baton proud. They took it in turns (11 miles each i believe ) in carrying the baton. They fought,they laughed,they swore,they hurt,they toiled in the heat,they sat,they stood,they fought some more and they only bloody well went and got the job done! in one day all 3 of them had become ultra legends! and all 3 of them had once again proved that impossible is a lie! well done ladies,i doff my hat to you all.


6th place..........kick as kat 80km shropshire ultra

Kat has been mentioned before in these awards,and for good reason,but THIS is the event that almost took away her 100% completion record.It was earlier in the year,it had to be cancelled once due to adverse weather conditions,the already tough course had just become tougher,but they dont make them tougher than our kat! i know what its like when a course is slippery with bad hips,our undulating surfaces,and thats exactly what kat had to contend with. Her rock richard was once again by her side.Off they went. I was in constant contacty with kat during the race and knew she was in trouble,she doesnt lie or hide from the facts,she just finds a way of defeating whats put in front of her. She will re-evaluate a situation and plough on. she had a very tough night section and im sure she wont mind me saying that richard got her through,she needed him and he was there,never leaving her side.And because of their collective brilliance they secured a famous victory,kat had once again defied logic and medical science to keep her 100% record in tact!


5th place........gloshawk......coast to coast in cornwall.

Our postman jim is a one man course wrecking ball,a giant of a man in more ways than one. Ive known jim for 6 years,and in those 6 years hes always been his toughest critic,thats why he is so special,he never accepts anything but 100% effort. He was brought up a rugby player and those very special traits have served him so well in his running career. But this year ive seen a slight change in jim,he has had a year of fun whilst running ,not every race has been fun and the anglo-saxon language through those un-fun races has been astounding but mainly this year jim has ran with a huge smile on his face. This challenge was no different,running a marathon each day for 3 consecutive days from one end of cornwall to the other! fields,hills,water,sand,rocks,grass,mud,you name it he ran in or through it! day by day he kept on going,he kept on smiling and he kept on inspiring and as you would guess our postman delivered victory once more! an incredible man having an incredible time!


4th place.......sir bolty......ridgeway 86 mile ultra

Our gerry (aka sir bolty) is many of us hero.we didnt know what an ultra was until sir bolty ran one,but he didnt just run one,he ran multiple ones! hes a 3 time centurion( 3 time 100 mile race finisher) and hes our ultra king of the castle. Gerry also suffers with A.S. the disease which effects the bones,he has trouble sleeping at night due to the pain. He is ex military and never ever grumbles about his condition.He proves to us and to himself that pushing through is the only way to go. Now sir bolty has had a tough old time with his medication,he has had to pull out of a few ultras due to sickness and collapse,he thought maybe it was time to rest up,time to reflect in all of his trimphs over adversity,but his mind wasnt having any of it.Sir bolty needed to prove to HIMSELF that he could still do the impossible and at the ridgway 86 mile ultra he did. Did it all go according to plan? no. Did he feel sick ? yes. did he want to stop? yes. did he stop? no. This one was personal and there was only ever one outcome.....GLORIOUS VICTORY! He had pushed through,he had gone to hell and back,hobs cowboy had ran a few miles with him and showed us all what a legend sir bolty is,we want to be with him,we want to help him,we feel sad when he falls,we rejoice when he wins! and i think this one was his greatest ever victory!


3rd place....richard miller     snowdon marathon

Richard has wrongly been regarded as kats supporting cast in the past,kat had rightly gotten most of the plaudits over the years with her incredible tenacity but richard had covered every step that kat had tred.I had spoken to richard a few times at varying events and told him how great HE was too. Never wanting praise and never leaving his wifes side. But now it was time to step up onto centre stage.Did richard take the easy option? an easy race? nope....he took on the toughest marathon in britain! Training hadnt gone well for him,he was rightly nervous standing on that start line,he had heard our stories of how tough this marathon was,he looked a tad over-awed by the occasion.Thats why i gave him the realbuzz baton,this was his toughest,thats why he needed the help of the toughest,and those who have held the baton so far are the toughest. I gave him a little pep talk whilst handing that baton over and the look in his eyes told me all i needed to know. The race started ,me and joe were runnind behind richard,he was like a metronome,his pace never faultered.We caught him up and i took a look in his eyes again,this was getting done,the man is as tough as they come,would i want him by my side going over the trenches? every single time. He ploughed on,step after step,minute after minute,mile after mile never swaying from his focus on achieving the incredible. A few hours after he had started he was running down the finishing straight in llanberis high and sir bolty were calling out his name,he didnt respond,he had given his all and only had the finishing straight left to give. We watched him dissapear into the distance,over the finishing line and into realbuzz folklore, he only went and done it! 


2nd place.......libby       Long Course weekend.

Our wonder woman libby does not get the credit she deserves.She is such an exeptional athlete that the improbable becomes the normal for her. she regularly runs multiple marathons a year,cycles hundreds of miles too and swims in lakes but we never really understand how great she is because we expect her to be brilliant. Well, one weekend in wales proved to us and finally proved to many of you how talented this lady really is.The saturday started with a 2.4 mile swim in tenby lakes,bloody freezing springs to mind but she swam like rebecca adlington on drugs! as soon as she got out of the water she jumped on a bike and cycled the 112 mile route through those welsh hills,never a mean feat on its own but coming straight after a long swim was astonishing! im sure she overtook bradley wiggens on the way and by evening time 2of her 3 disciplines were done. So rest on sunday yeah? NO! SHE STILL HAD TO RUN A MARATHON! Her legs and body must have been screaming out in pain ,wanting to stay in bed but young libby was having none of it! she got up,showed up,maybe threw up and demolished that marathon! bringing home the triathlon treble that i doubt anyone else of us could have achieved! this truly was an incredible performance from one of my heroes. a well deserbed runner up position for our wonder woman!

Now ladies and gentleman,we have a winner,a winner who has proved that persistance,hard work,stubborness and brilliance can get you anywhere. A champion who has come so far over a limited period of time.A winner that faces predjudice every day from un intelligent people.a winner that has the most beautiful boy. guessed it yet?


Madmax.......chicago marathon.

Max has had an incredible year,gradually building on performance after performance,gradually learning the tools needed to improve both physically but more importantly mentally.Shes had bad runs,horrible runs,runs that make you think what the bloody hell am i doing this for,but those runs are the best,you learn the tricks of the trade from those runs,what does not break you makes you. Max targetted the chicago marathon for a crack at going under 5.30 for a was her home city marathon,her pops looking down at her from above with huge pride. us buzzers cheering on from afar wishing her every success,she ran with her great friend david,but she also ran with every single one of us on her shoulder. Right from the off all looked good,the smile on her face we witnessed on every facebook live feed showed us how much she was loving it! her pace was spot on ,as was her attitude. many of us (me included) forget how priviledged we are in being able to run,how angry we get if we are 1 second off time,i think we all need to sometimes step back and enjoy those feelings of the wind in our hair.Max was definately doing just that! her pops was hollering from up above,max was wearing the biggest of smiles. Mile after mile her sub 5.30 time was being chewed into,smile after smile for mile after mile.More facebook live feeds continued to come ,the atmosphere was electric,the crowds incredible,the party had started on the start line and max was dancing all the way round to the very end! I truly belive this was max's life changing race,the race in which she 'got'it,the race where all those terrible,horrible,misarable runs made perfect sense.Se had learnt through them how to enjoy today.And sshe had done just that,her feet were dancing,her smile was permanant,her target time being destroyed. Coming down the finishing straight she had flying feet but more importantly a flying heart.....5 hours 29 minutes and 8 seconds after she had started.....she had finished. She wrote herself into chicago marathon history,she done her pops so proud,she done us so proud,she had done herself and her family so proud.....she had become our champion of 2018.    WELL DONE MAD MAX! WE SALUTE YOU.


There we have it team realbuzz.An extra-ordinary year full of extra-ordinary achievements by extra-ordinary human beings. 

onto 2019 we go!






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