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Posted on: 05 Jan 2019

So Christmas has been and done. I marshalled the Pontardawe 5k. O my goodness, I was responsible for recording the finishing times of runners. Suffice to say I'd be happy NEVER to do that job again for as long as I live. The event went well on this flattish multi terrain course which is always popular because it starts and finishes at a pub, and the club puts on copious amounts of free mulled wine ( included in your entry fee) oh and minced pies if that's your thing.

I actually got out on Xmas morning to run a 5k before the house was awake. It was do mild I was sweating like a donkey when I got back to the house  . Time 27.32. comfortable 

I discovered Hortus Gin Rhubarb and Ginger ..I'll just leave that there.

Then there was the Boxing Day 5 miler in Glynneath. Loved it again this year. About 40 minutes. Lots of fancy dressers.

On the 28th I went out and covered 8.2 miles with a new friend who is returning to running. Kind of felt epic because it was light when we started and it turned dark during the run. Felt like we'd been out forever. 1 hour 25. A good chatty run up some challenging hills .

Then on 31 at December, while my running friends went over Llandeilo to run a 10 miler that I had vowed to never run again on account of the sideways ice bullets that battered us last year at the inaugural race, I stayed local and did my last 10 miler of the year, at a pace of 9.01 minute mile average. Yes, I felt smug, and far far better than I did last year in Llandeilo. That race, was the first time I've ever checked my watch to see if it was quicker to run back to the start or push through to the end.

On NYE evening my husband and I climbed a local mountain at 10.40 pm to bring 2019 in away from the fireworks and party idiots.  It sounded like Beirut up there but there was a strange peacefulness to the mountain at night. We lit 2 sparklers in honour my mum who us very poorly with Lewi Body Dementia and my youngest daughter who has been struck down with ME since February.

Then there was a couple more club runs and today was my 25th runniversary with parkrun which I covered my favourite multi terrain hilly course at Gnoll parkrun. 3rd female overall, first in age category, not my best time there only 11 secs off my pb but I'll take 24.48.

Happy New Year everyone..nothing like a bit of trumpet blowing to set you up!

Forgot to mention my New Year's Day dip on Aberavon where I took my Orcas for a swim.

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