Sundays Race

Posted on: 15 Jan 2019

I had a brilliant race on Sunday, a group of us all went together so we had a good chat in the car. Then met up with more people from the club at the bag drop and had a chat some more. Then off to the start and I really enjoyed the race. I have been doing much longer stuff recently, my last race being a marathon, so 10K zoomed by. I have not raced a 10K for over 3 years so I thought I would run as fast as I could to 5k and then just see how it went from there. By 9K is was starting to feel it but nothing compared to 4 hours of running in a marathon so just pushed on. All over in 1 hour 4 minutes which I am happy, not PB pace but fine for coming back from an injury and probably more importantly my ankle is fine.

Again a good post-race chat in the car on the way home. I enjoyed it so much I have entered another 10 K race in March. I really feel like it was a boost that I needed.



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