Hello 2019

Posted on: 16 Jan 2019

I'm writing this while avidly dot-watching - yes, it's the Spine Race again. Wow, it's riveting stuff! How do they keep going, day after day, night after night, cold and wet, sleep-deprived, battered by storms, often all alone.......? I don't know whether to be inspired or discouraged! (Okay, I do know really.......) As for Jasmin, she is just phenomenal! I so hope she can keep this up and pull off a real coup.

Here, as in GB, the summer's heatwave is just a distant memory now, replaced by rain and snow (LOTS of snow in places, not so much here) and temperatures regularly dipping into minus. I'm off to Iceland for a few days on Friday, and was surprised to see that it's warmer there than here! Or was - it looks fairly similar  now. Predicted to be cloudy, though, so maybe no Northern Lights, which would be very disappointing. Still, it will be an experience, as I've never been there before.

This is traditionally the time when people sort out plans and projects for the year ahead. I have various ideas, but as an unreformed commitment-phobe, they are going to stay ideas for now. They 'may' include another marathon or similar; there will 'probably' be the odd half marathon. J is 'interested' in doing an ultra, but I think he's on his own there. Oh, and parkrun. Switzerland still doesn't have any, but there is one just over the border, in France, and I feel a trip coming on........ There will certainly be walking, especially as I have a nice new pair of Salomons waiting to be introduced to the Great Outdoors. I thought it out really tidily on a train journey to Basel the other day, but it's all a bit vague again now. But okay, first Iceland, then I can give my attention to other concerns.

Meanwhile, things are ticking unspectacularly along. Some walks in the snowy Bireggwald. The odd run, some more enjoyable than others, today's muddy 12 kms being one of the better ones. Maps looked at speculatively, travel guides dreamed over with varying degrees of seriousness. Slight ankle injury (incurred by turning round a bit too abruptly while just walking around the house, of all ridiculous things) cured by four days' rest, tested out with a walk on the fifth, and deemed 'fit for purpose' again. So far, so adequate.

Okay, back to the dot-watching for a while before bed........

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