Getting back on the horse

Posted on: 22 Jan 2019

Blimey! Where did the time go since the end of November? I’ve been promising myself I’d sit down and catch up with blogging for a while but didn’t realise almost a couple of months had gone by already! 

Last time I’d re-started the daily small walks and was looking forward to returning to Parkrun. Well, that I did on December 8th, exactly a month after surgery and was absolutely delighted to complete it in 45:24. The course was nice and dry, I didn’t trip over any tree roots and it felt so good both mentally and physically to be back out there 😊 I’ve been back out there every week since too and although the temptation to have a sneaky jog has been overwhelming at times, I’ve managed to hold back so far (not like me at all - Max’s mini herd of cows that she sent me have done a splendid job of keeping me in line 😂😂 Thank you so much Max, you’ve no idea how much they’ve helped 😘😘). 


On January 12th I was absolutely delighted and very proud to earn my 50th shirt. It was even more special as one of my NASS branch members who also takes part in parkrun was running his 50th that day too, so he came to Homewood and we walked it together in our NASS finery to raise awareness 😁 I wanted to try and PB my post-op parkrun walking but John had a sore back so we took it steady and just enjoyed ourselves 😊 Last week, that PB happened though and I managed to knock just over 2 minutes off, finishing in 43:21 😁


Over the month of November, I only managed to walk 21 miles and quite a few of those were on crutches. In December, I managed to get out walking every day bar two which totalled 108 miles. With the help of 60 miles of indoor cycle sprints, I finally managed to clock up over 1200 miles for the year (52 miles run, 60 miles cycle sprints and 1098 miles walked with 62,500 feet of ascent) and earn my Lands End to John O’Groats bling 😊 According to Fitbit with all the walking around inbetween the stats were quite surprising!  

This month I signed up for ‘Red January’ and so far I’m up to 108 miles with 9 days still to go. Longest walk so far has been just over 8 miles in 2 hours and the hip still felt great! It’s worked in perfectly with rehab and I’m very happy to say that the quads and gluten are all strengthening nicely 😊 The hip is more comfortable than its been ever which is more than I could have hoped for! It still lets me know if I’ve overdone it and I know that it will take a year to fully settle but I’m so happy with the result 😁

The only problem has been with my idiotic psychology.  I’m having great difficulty trying to walk at anything other than top speed any more as the brain just wants to push all the time. Over the last couple of weeks this has led to last year’s problem ankle kicking off again 😕 I was so impressed yesterday though - I rang the hospital as I’m still on the podiatrist’s books and they made me an appointment to see him this afternoon! His face when I walked in was a picture 😂😂 He was somewhat relieved when I told him the problem and that I just wanted some advice. I know the obvious advice of course - cut down on the distance and pace for a while and let it settle, but since he’s already got my measure, he sent me off to be fitted for a specialist ankle brace which while hopefully help when I start running again. 

In anticipation of running again, I had a look in the online sales a couple of weeks ago. I ended up treating myself to a pair of Altra Paradigm 4.0 that weren’t in the sale since there are one or two road races booked for this year now. They are so comfortable straight out of the box and accommodate my new orthotics perfectly 😊 I’ve been wearing the new orthotics since I came off crutches and the difference they’ve made is immense! No longer do I have pain in the 5th metatarsals and my weight is finally distributed across my feet as it should be 😊 On the inaugural outing of the new trainers, I confess I was a bit naughty and had a wee jog for 50m (and everything felt great!). I confessed to the physio a few days later and she laughed like a drain, confessing that I’d lasted a week longer than she had, but to take from her that it would feel even better a few weeks further on 😊 That’s  my kind of physio! 


I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon at the end of the week and I’m hoping for good news on the running front! I have what I hope is the last physio appointment the day  after that when she’ll check my gait on the dreadmill and hopefully the strengthening exercises will have worked and I’ll be given the all clear to run again🤞

Lined up so far for this year -

10th March - The Big Half

10th March - The Big Mile (walking), assuming I finish the former in time and I’m still upright! 

26th May -Westminster Mile

27th May - Vitality 10k

9th June - St Albans Half

15th June - HU5k

30th June - Martian 10k (local trail race)

7/8th September - Thames Path 100k

26th October - Snowdonia Marathon Eryri


Still a few gaps to fill but let’s see how running goes first! 

Happy training everyone 😊 xxx


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