New inductees into the realbuzz Wall Of Fame

Posted on: 31 Jan 2019

We continue to witness so many amazing feats achieved by you buzzers. From achievements of sheer guts and determination to tremendous efforts of endurance (sometimes several times over), you all continue to pull off some top draw feats.

A few years back we decided to set up the Wall of Fame in order to give due recognition to those buzzers who have made their mark in one distinguished way or another. But it’s not always just about doing, it’s also about giving, especially to your fellow buzzers.

It’s been a while since we added some new legends to the Wall so we thought it was about time we gave some people their overdue recognition. Joining our existing Wall of Famers - including the likes of hollywooddave, libbylaird, Nick and KickAS_Kat - we’ve selected 4 new members who will have their permanent place on our Wall of Fame.

So who have we selected as most deserving? First up is Bevlar who despite not having taken up running until her fifties, has completed several half and full marathons, including Brighton, London (twice) and more recently her first ultramarathon in a scorching Race to the Stones. Incidentally, look out for Bev in the next issue of the realbuzz magazine (due out later in the year and available for free across our 17 realbuzz stores) in which she discusses how running has helped with her mental health.

Next up is MadMax. Maxine started out with the London Marathon in 2016, and has to date gone on to complete 6 marathons including Chicago, Brighton and Snowdonia and threw in a couple of gruelling ultras for good measure.

No less a legend is Ymonks. Yve just loves setting herself challenges and often seems to do them in baking heat! From a roasting Lisbon Marathon to a baking hot Race to the Stones ultra she’s pushed her limits time after time. The London Marathon 2019 awaits!

Our fourth inductee is Runwithroxy. Long-time buzzer Jane has gone from strength to strength since she starting blogging about running with her dog Roxy! She has ran over 10 marathons, including New York, and achieved her quest for a sub 4.30 marathon at Brighton.

As a special way to mark their success we’ll be sending each of the inductees a special T-shirt that lets everyone know they are a realbuzz Wall of Famer. This time round it has been the ladies outdoing the men. Fellas you need to up your game!

Seriously though, we’re always amazed about the togetherness of the realbuzz community and your willingness to drive each other on to bigger and better things. All of you have that spirit in spades, so much so that there were many others who could have made the Wall of Fame, but just because you didn’t make it this time round doesn’t mean that we haven’t noted what you’ve all been achieving. We do read each and everyone of your blogs.

We’ll be keeping an eye on what you are all up to and will be adding some more deserving buzzers to the Wall. Of course, if we do miss anything significant then by all means let us know. We’ll be guided in part by all you buzzers and are happy to hear from any of you if you want to nominate anyone for a place in the Wall of Fame.

Until then, just keep challenging yourselves and supporting each other (and blogging about it) to make your achievements bigger and better than anything you’ve done before.

Check out all the the realbuzz legends on the Wall of Fame!

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