I’m back!!

Posted on: 10 Feb 2019

Hello Buzzers - I’m back again with another challenge for myself.

Since the walking marathon last year my activity/fitness has gradually dwindled to the point where over the last two weeks I have done nothing - and I feel rubbish for it. There is a very good reason. My four legged friend was gradually growing old and his walks were becoming shorter & shorter but took just a long. Sadly, two weeks ago I had to say goodbye. I miss him dreadfully. He was just shy of 15 years old - so an old fella for a cocker spaniel. 

I need to get active again and I need some focus, so I have signed up to the Sobell House Light the Night first 5km walk/jog/run in six weeks’ time. Amusingly, it is a year ago tomorrow that I started my blog for my marathon training! I’m not expecting to be fit enough to run the 5km, but I would like to jog most, if not all of it. Any advice from fellow Buzzers is always welcome - thank you. I’ll be posting regular updates on my progress.

Go Girl!

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