Gosh, I haven't been here for ages!

Posted on: 15 Feb 2019

Flippin'eck, I haven't been here for months and months. :-( Sorry!

I haven't been sitting around on my big fat ass, though. Well, not all the time, anyway!

In fact, for more than a week, now, I have been really good, and done some sort of aerobic exercise every day. That is in addition to the 10,000 steps my Fitbit tells me I walk, to and from the station, then to and from the station, t'other end, to get to the office. Well, actually the office is well over a mile from the station, so I don't walk it, but I have to walk to a nearby car-park, and catch the mini-bus there. But in practice, it is often five or ten minutes until the minibus arrives, and I spend that time walking up and down the edges of the car-park. So overall, I easily get to 10,000 steps, on every work day.

Every day this week (and last week as well - I can't remember when I started!), I have done some aerobic exercise as well - often cycling for an hour, in front of the telly, but sometimes going to the gym (which I did tonight*  and now my bum is all worn out!).

(* Well, last night, now - sorry, I got a bit distracted, and never finished this post - oops!)

Yesterday morning (when I started this post), I suggested going to the gym that night. Then I forgot about it. When I got home from work, Mr Flump reminded me, so I enthusiastically agreed. (Remember, I need him to drive me up to the gym - I cannot drive, because I am 'blind' - the quote marks are because the doctors say I am blind, but in fact I can see well enough for most things, although certainly not to drive, or ride a real bike - an exercise bike, in front of the TV, will do me, fine!).  So, last night I went to the gym. I did forty-five minutes of aerobic stuff: forty-five on the exercise bike, then ten minutes each on the slippy-slidey-thing, the inny-out-side-to-sidey-thing, and the rowing machine. Ooh, my legs were tired! :-)

At home, I have an exercise bike. A while ago, Mr Flump mocked me for cycling too gently, while watching the telly. I thought I had been being good, and cycling for forty-five minutes or an hour, choosing something to watch on the telly (like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Firefly, or Yes, Prime Minister (which my fourteen-year old Scrunchmuffin adores)). When Mr Flump scoffed at my cycling, saying that I was taking it far too easy (he is an IronMan triathlete, and he regularly cycles hard outside, or inside on his bike trainer), I started going much harder, making sure that I was having to breathe really hard, and stuff.

So, over the last ten days, I have cycled *hard*, usually for forty-five minutes (although quite often for an hour instead, and once for only half-an-hour).

Today, as normal, I went to work. And when I got home, I dragged the bike out again, and cycled for forty-five minutes again (watching Buffy).

So, I am quite please with myself. AND I wrote a blog post, which I used to do all the time, but I have not done for absolutely ages. I hope people are glad to see me back!

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