Buzzers meet up at Finsbury parkrun

Posted on: 02 Mar 2019

I have a few more race reports to write, and maybe even a 2018 summary, but for now let's jump to the present, or at least last weekend. I spent a few days in London with my sister, her two kids and my husband. The kids got the trip for Christmas, instead of some toy they'd play with once, and it was really different to travel with them, I'm not used to kids haha. But we had a great time, they behaved so well and they want to come back to London so Auntie Emelie is happy with that. They also practiced their English, the almost 6-year old extended his vocabulary from yes and no to  name all the colors. Brilliant. 

On Saturday morning they choose to have a sleep in and I went to parkrun on my own. I'm searching a bit for my running mojo at the moment, so I thought some company would do me good. Unfortunate circumstances led to a small, but so joyful, buzzers meet up, Yves and Nick joined me in Finsbury park this morning. (If anyone wants to know about parkrun venues in the Greater London area, read Nicks blog, they are awesome!) 

We'd had a couple of very sunny days but the Saturday  morning was very foggy and a bit chilly. After burgers and milkshakes the evening before I wasn't really hungry in the morning but a smoothie tasted good on the short tube ride there. When I got out of Finsbury station it was very foggy in the park but I knew fairly well in what direction to go. After a few minutes walk  I saw a familiar back ahead of me, Yves had arrived juste before me and I caught her up at the cafe. Happy reunion, we only met briefly in Snowdonia so it was nice to have a little catch up before the run.

The weather was a bit disappointing, I had imagined running in the sunshine, but in the end I decided to go with only my apricot long sleeved shirt (have to advertise my home run haha), gloves and buff. It was still warmer than Sweden, even with the fog haha. We managed to find Nick before heading to the start, he was with the speedy crew in front as always. Me and  Yves headed for the back, I was very unsure about how I would do since the running haven't been consistent lately. Very unusual for me to parkrun in such a crowd, almost 600 runners this day, in Sweden we very seldomly break the 100 barrier. =) 

The run started slightly downhill, it gave me a good feeling of easy running, before turning at the end of the park for a long-ish uphill. Still felt easy, 1 km was at the top of the hill, and I found a good pace and some people to follow. At the other end of park we turned and it was downhill again, before a more challenging hill. It reminded me of one hill on "my" parkrun course. =) I had a little walking break here, didn't want to blow all my energy on the first lap, but got going again at the top. I made it around the first lap without the speedy folks laped me, which made me very happy. =) 

It doesn't look that tough in the picture but I swear it was! =) 

Lap 2 was a little less crowded (not that the first one was very crowded, but still) but I managed to not be passed by too many runners. A bit before the last hill Nick came back and joined me, and having his back to follow gave me some energy and I actually ran the whole hill! Bloody tired at the top but it was quite easy running the last bit so I made it to the finish in 33:20. A good time for me, everything sub-35 makes me happy and this was better than I thought, all things considering. 

I collected my bag and we waited just a few minutes before Yves finished, and then we went for a cup of tea in the cafe. A nice morning to catch up with fellow buzzers and it certainly got my mojo going again. Unfortunately I also brought a cold back from holiday so the last week have been spent on the couch with a sore throat but I'm almost back to normal now so I hope there will be some running the coming week. 

But best of all, it's now less than 2 months until I'm back in London, for marathon weekend! Hope to meet as many of you as possible then! 

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