Eight weeks in... and I'm starting a blog

Posted on: 10 Mar 2019

So my big quest has begun and I've started this blog to keep track on what's happening.

I've encountered a number of ups and downs over this last 8 weeks and cancer has once again hit the family, but I am clear of it, which is good, and I'm determined to stay clear of it as well. I have had a couple of healh checks and currently my cholesterol quite is high, so I need to try and reduce that down, and further blood tests are on the cards, but better eating habbits may be the key! All this has spurred me on with a new determination to get fitter.

Firstly, my eating. I've cut out all the buns and cakes and biscuits I would usually eat as snacks and replaced them with fruit and healthy things, but I'm struggling a lot. Temptation is always there to grab a quick biccy, although I'm hanging on well at the moment.

Secondly, exercise. I've started going to the gym regularly. This is going okay, but once again I'm finding it a struggle keeping the motivation to go. But I have set out a plan for myself, and one of the things on it is to run a 5K. I've downloaded the Couch to 5k app and I'm now on week 2 (yeehar) - but how on earth am I going to get from not being able to even run 100 meters to running a 5K? I have no idea, but I'll just keep going.

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