Work Hard, Play Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard...

Posted on: 17 Mar 2019

Work hard, play hard, keep partying like it’s your job....

Great tune 😊. Great timing 😊. Great memories of Rachel Kelly’s rather suggestive and inappropriately erotic  dancing, for a work’s night out anyway, in a pair of heels higher than stilts! She did not fall over. Laws of physics were challenged 😳😮. Impressive it was 😃. Scary woman her, and not her fault, she looked so much like Phoebe’s mum I never could get quite beyond that 😔. Better dancer 😂. I digress.

Far better at the timing thing than I am, that tune 🙄. Thank-you Mr Guetta 👍. 10pm on a Sunday night and it’s my first workout of the weekend 😳. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe it’s the cold. Maybe it’s the other commitments. Maybe it’s just that right now every day is a battle dragging myself out of bed, and despite naturally being awake at 5am the last 2 days, I just couldn’t find that little kick required to actually get out of bed.

Some of that I’m sure is the slow adaptation to “ok, here I am living on my own again”, and some of it I’m sure is the “ok, here I am living on my own, again”.

The 2 of them are different. Very different. 

Anyway, one thing I’ve learned tonight, 2 days pass without exercise, and I’m getting itchy feet. Really itchy. Tomorrow I have plans that mean exercise tomorrow is unlikely. That would make 3 days, and I don’t think I can cope with that at the moment.

Its not that I’m obsessing or anything unhealthy like that, I think it’s more that running and biking back and to for work is quickly becoming quite ingrained, and it just feels a bit “odd” to not be doing anything. That and I just feel a bit better balanced in every sense when I do a bit of something.

Its been a fairly positive day today. I have a bed now for the spare room, took Oli out this afternoon so he could help choose a duvet cover and pillow cases for it. Treated myself to a couple of cushions ‘n’all.

Not positive enough to kill off the itch though. So at a really stupid time of night, into the Lycra and onto the bike rollers I went.

Ive been struggling with cramp on there, can’t really get the length of workout that I’d like to be doing. It nearly happened again tonight. It’ll no doubt get me later on when I’m in bed.

1 hour:   20.43 miles.

20 minutes into that I was looking at that average speed on the old watch there and thinking “I am not getting off this until that average speed says 20mph. Then I found another target to chase. Then another one. 20 minutes after the hour I was done.

26.2 miles:   1hr 16min 23sec.

I know I’ve got a cold, but that’s a real reflection right there of just how much less fit I am than I used to be.

It’s a very honest workout on them rollers. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more honest workout than that one. Stop pedalling, and you’re off! Let your mind wander, and you’re off! Look at the wrong bloomin’ thing, you’re off!

The time passes slowly compared to riding on the roads, but blimey, do you get some work done! hard, play hard, work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard, keep PEDALLING like its your job....

I used to use a marathon distance ride on the rollers as a bit of a fitness test when I lived up on the hill, and I was testing how far beneath the hour I could get it. Tough, tough workout. 

1:16:something is a bit of a disappointment - but at least I know now where I’m at, I got more out of myself than I thought I was going to get, and I’ve got a bit of something to add into my spreadsheet for Sunday.

It could be a lot worse.

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