Not a great start but a start never the less.

Posted on: 25 Mar 2019

Well what can I say it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here, it’s been even longer since I’ve blogged. Where do I start from in the 3 years since my blog ended?? In truth I fell out with running I went through a period of not running at all then back to running every now and then. I have done a few events in the 3 years one being coast to coast organised by the horrific company rat race which I swore I’d never give another penny to! But in true Wiganer style I’ve ate humble pie and give them a sh*t load of more money for another over priced event for this year. I’ll see if it’s a mistake in June. 

The ballot for London marathon 2017 which comes out in the October 2016 was another failed entry which somehow hit me harder then previous years I don’t know why I thought I may get in again having not got in so many times previous. But these two events just zapped my mojo. I had no interest in running I joined a crossfit gym which I really enjoyed, I think it helped with my running but as I’d never done weights before I found it a million miles away from what I knew. (I’d done Thaiboxing for 20+years prior but stopped due to two very active kids)

My ever caring wife had a friend who also runs but isn’t competitive at all. I ended up meeting these guys (Sam, Dave & Steven) to do manchester half marathon and Hadrians wall half marathon with I kept in touch via various social media and a WhatsApp group. I started to run more frequently.


Did I just say my caring wife?! That can’t be right as she arranged for me do Dublin marathon with the  Sam Dave & Robert. So my 20 week planner began.

Dublin marathon well What a marathon it is I loved it. It was a tough one a few hills, the first of which I can’t say I noticed,the second I did notice but it was ok however the third one I think was up a road of treacle aaaaah. Not sure if I set off too quick (I always do) but that thing people say about “I hit the wall” had never happened to me before, it did this time, boy did it get me good! I know I’d slowed down and started to struggle a little. I also know I was still a head of my PB although at this point I was still just over 10k left to run. Now I know people also say 20 mile run 10k race, that wasn’t gonna happen. I heard the crowd keep commenting on someone behind me and from the bits I heard I knew who it was. The comment of why are the running with balloons tied to them? Yes it was the 3hour pacers they eventually caught me up by mile 21 then left me. Gutted I’d love a sub 3 marathon. To be honest at this point I couldn’t care less I was more worried about being able to even finish the dame run. I know I must have looked like I was struggling (and in deed I was) all the crowd was willing me on, but not the kind of way the crowd normally do this time they were all looking at me and shouting specifically to me “come on you can do it mate”, “don’t stop,” “not far mate”. Eventually after the 5.2 miles of me arguing with myself ...just stop, Don’t stop you’re nearly done, stop you can’t run any further just walk a little,  DO NOT WALK YOU ARE DOING GOOD. I crossed the line and please with a 4 minute PB. I got told to get good for age in to London I needed 3:04. I got 3:04:45 booooooo. Later that day on strava it was mentioned actually it’s 3:05 boom I’m in London. I was over the moon and telling everyone. even better I had four other mates going so we could all go together, brilliant. When the ballot opened again London marathon decided to change it all! Good for age went to sub 3 hour and only 4000 in total can get in on GFA (2,000 male& 2000 female). I didn’t get in through the ballot either! Now I’ve been meaning to start this for a few months but haven’t made time to actually start

Let’s cut to the reason I’m coming back on here to bore whoever. 

I turned 40 in the beginning of March and for a while I’ve been mulling things over to try and do 40 events in my 40 Th year. If I was single and didn’t have active kids I think IT would be easy (easier) still not sure I can even do it but I guess that’s the the challenge, I mean why do something if it was guaranteed or easy. Plus I’m trying not to do loads of main stream events coz I can’t afford to be spending £40+ for 40 events nor can I be taking up 40 weekends because of my kids competing it events plus it will be nice to actually spend time with the family too. Now it’s already got off to a troubled start I had to work away so missed an event and have been ill for nearly 6 weeks to my weekly miles dropped from 45-55 miles to 5. I also missed one in my hometown due to illness. However this weekend I did the dark skies marathon in Kielder as the saying goes fail to prepare, prepare to fail. it didn’t go well time wise. I was ok first 12/14 miles then things started to come unglued settling for at best jog/walk pace! I think I’d have given up if it wasn’t for the fact of it was my 1st event oh and it was pitch black in a Forrest and getting cold! I did manage to get around although I forgot to stop my watch ha ha! I then had a 3hour drive home! Which almost brings me up to date the only other thing I haven’t mentioned is another half marathon I missed the day after the Kielder marathon due to my 1st born competing so I was left at home looking after my 2nd born and our new  edition to the family an 8week old cocker spaniel. So far 1 out of 40 done ✅. 

As I’m going to be doing this blog mainly off my phone and posting it won’t allow my to post any photos! To do that I have to get my computer out and to be honest I’ll post less if it becomes a chore so if you have any interest in seeing any photos my Instagram account is @gingersprockets I have been posting and will continue to post on there! 

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