"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of -"......er.....March

Posted on: 26 Mar 2019

If you leave it too long, it's hard to get started again. That goes for blogging as well as running. I was doing okay-ish in January - nothing very newsworthy, except for the trip to Iceland, just the usual local outings (sometimes running, sometimes just walking), which I felt no pressing need to write about. (Just noticed Garmin Connect has awarded me a 'Strong Start' badge for 4 kms I did on New Year's Day!) Some snow in early January, but this was more pleasant than not. Mid-January, the longest run of the month, 12 kms round the Biotope; and then the Iceland jaunt. More of the same in the rest of January.

Another dump of snow at the beginning of February, lovely while it was new - so lovely, in fact, that one day I even went out twice to enjoy the pristine Narnia-like beauty of the woods, with just a warming bowl of leek-and-potato soup in between.