This could be a PB?

Posted on: 27 Apr 2019

3 hours 27 minutes.  I was quite pleased with that time for my London Marathon experience.

Yes, that is how long it took me to collect my running number and timing chip yesterday.  From leaving the house to setting foot back indoors, I managed a sub 3.30!

It included the drive to the station, the hunt for a parking space (got lucky for once!) and a train to London Bridge.  Then a change to the tube, Jubilee Line to Canning Town followed by the DLR to Prince Regent (less crowded than Custom House).  Just a few minutes to collect my number and chip and I was sorted.

So many other events post the vital bits which must be better for the environment than making everyone travel, I can’t imagine that many people walked or cycled to Excel, not judging by how busy the trains were when I went.  Apparently the Saturday is even busier, good business for TfL and the rail companies I guess.

I say sorted, I had what I came for but it wasn’t so easy to leave.  Just like IKEA you are forced to follow a path of consumerism to find the exit.  I have not set foot in IKEA for at least 15 years and have no intention in doing so in the future either.

 I really didn’t need to buy anything new, not for marathon day.  Everything I have is tried, tested and trusted.  It’s not the time to be experimenting with new kit or nutrition and who needs some new gadget to distract them on Sunday?  It’s time to focus on running and taking in the experience not wondering if you should have read the manual first.

I guess that the event costs a lot of money to put on though and this is one of the ways that the organisers are able to pull in the revenue to pay for it so maybe I am being a bit grumpy.  It’s my age I suppose!

Anyway, I managed to negotiate my way out fairly swiftly, repeated the DLR, Tube, train and drive experience in reverse and was home in a time far quicker than I could hope to run the thing on Sunday!

So today is the day before the big one.  I am timekeeper at Jersey Farm parkrun today, it will stop me being tempted to try any running but I get the feel of having taken part in something and there will be plenty of run related chat as well.

Then a case of keeping busy all day to try not to get too nervous about tomorrow and then onto the final part of my plan.  This is the bit that has served me well in the past.  Mrs P calls it ‘getting into the zone’ and thinks it a bit weird.

Retreating into my own little world (she is off to a birthday party later, it’s not for me I need a quiet night in) and following my planned ritual.  Some carb loading, which will consist of lager and noodles from the local Chinese takeaway, followed by a couple of glasses of Cabernet Shiraz blend  in front of some lightweight Saturday night TV.  I need to relax and get to sleep early.

It’s an early start tomorrow, the coach to the start at Blackheath leaves at 6.30am and I don’t want to miss it.   I need plenty of time in the morning to apply Rock Tape which will hold my hamstring together.

All being well and I make the finish line on the Mall on Sunday then I plan to head to the Sherlock Holmes pub, it’s recommended by a certain well known celebrity cider drinker, and will begin the rehydration.

Hope to see many of you on Sunday either running or cheering, whatever you are doing have a good one!

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