One Stroke Forwards, Two Strokes Backwards

Posted on: 27 Apr 2019

Friday 12th April – One Stroke Forwards, Two Strokes Backwards

I really didn’t feel like going swimming today. What drove me to go was the fact that if one session is missed because I didn’t feel like it others will follow. Being ill not going is one thing, not going just because I’m not up to it is another.

All the routine prior to walking to the pool took place as usual. Regardless of the negative vibs, I felt about going I drove myself to attend the session thinking I’ll be grateful I made the effort once all done and dusted. Also, I wouldn’t have my tail between my legs all weekend feeling guilty about myself.

09:44 and straight into the pool complex with no delays, looking good and feeling much better after my 10-minute brisk walk there.

Into the pool and leaking goggles somewhat delayed the breaststroke warm-up session. The only way that this seemingly can be remedied is by tightening the strap each time. Only a vice hold solved the problem and I know this isn’t right. Looking like another pair of goggles will have to be sought but this time not online as I want to try them on before committing to buy. I might have to wait for my trip to the UK next month and buy them there.

With my head now throbbing from the tightness of the goggles, but no leakage the warmup began. Bobbing then breaststroke with the intention of only a few lengths just to get my blood circulating. It felt so easy now with this stroke and after around ten lengths it felt like I could go on forever. The only drawback was the time it took to do those 10 lengths. The pace was so slow this is a worry as if this stroke was opted from in the swim I calculate it will take around four and half hours to complete the 2-mile distance. I was averaging ½ an hour which is ridiculous. I see other swimmers easing past me using the same stroke and seemingly the same technique. It remains a mystery! Another reason to work on freestyle for more economy of energy weighed again distance and speed gained I guess.

Into the freestyle now with the left side only breathing, I thought I had this cracked over the last two session but it all went pear-shaped today. Apart from the first length the anxiety and panic returned no matter how hard I tried to relax and think easy, easy. The feet touching the bottom happened three times over this session and after only 30 minutes I wanted to leave the pool. I decided to try and fight the resistance to give up and carry on and did. With the additional push to conquer the return of the fear of water intake each length now was becoming exhausting which was now back to where I started! Not good.

Rather than get more and more frustrated and very apprehensive of getting into a whirlpool of tension and anxiety I talked myself into getting out of the pool with no progress being made today.

One stroke forward on the Monday and Wednesday sessions and two strokes backward today!

On reflection, I assessed today as a bad day at the office, we all have them and hope that next Monday’s session will help me forget today. The freestyle technique is worrying but I am still very determined to conquer it. The breaststroke also is worrying from the point of pace.

With all of this, the sessions are done with pain in my right shoulder which I put up with. Funny how this pain can be tolerated but other uncomfortable situations in water cannot today.

All said and done, I won’t give up trying to improve despite the other issue of no pool to practice in during the summer.

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