Going To Be a Bigger Challenge Now

Posted on: 20 May 2019

Tuesday 14th May – Going To Be a Bigger Challenge Now

10 days and no opportunity to swim. The next date that some water is available is Monday 3rd June when the local school pool should be reopened after repairs.

Will one month without a swim be a problem? What happens after the school shut up for the summer break in a few weeks’ time? You don’t forget how to swim but without building up endurance and working improved technique go hand in hand to increase the capabilities to manage longer distances.

Open water swimming here is still something that plagues my mind in terms of taking a chance. Despite everyone lecturing about the dangers whenever I mention the idea, it puts a new challenge in front of me. And who isn’t up for challenges. With my partner working 6 days a week until 19:00, and therefore swimming in open waters will have to be done on my own without supervision. This is a worry if I get into difficulty and no International Rescue at hand.

What are the options if no pool or open waters are available for me to swim in until well after the Serpentine Event in September? Well, this would be the biggest challenge, doing the event without any training for five months! If the event was today, I know the 2 miles distance would be difficult but I could complete it at a snails’ pace. With occasional pauses with a tow float which is compulsory and breaststroke for the main, some of the stretches could be done in freestyle. But this is now and then (September) is then.

I have come to terms with no swimming until the 3rd of June, (albeit I will try and hunt opportunities in the UK whilst visiting my children next week). During my 9 days in the UK, I will also be purchasing a wetsuit and float tow to save on the postage costs to Bulgaria. These will be brought back with me and hopefully launched into waters here, possibly a day trip to the Black Sea on Sunday with Galia’s day off, some 100 kilometres away from my home. We’ve done that before, so why not again?

One thing is for sure, I am not giving up because of the lack of facilities. That would be too easy and an easy escape route for someone who wasn’t bloody-minded about getting medals. With the trouble I have entering the event it wouldn’t serve my mind right to leave the quest behind now.

Still doing weight training three times a week and wads of work on the land which at least keeps the muscles and aerobics ticking over. No time for bike riding, which would normally concern me, but as I have found out doesn’t seem to give any benefits to swimming mode I can swallow that.

So, May now is playing a redundant role without waters and I look forward to returning from the UK with dividing rod in my head to search for more waters.

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