Tools for the Trade - Now In Hand

Posted on: 28 May 2019

Tuesday 28th May – Tools for the Trade - Now In Hand

Well, I am in the UK for 9 days visiting my four children and granddaughter which is great as I haven’t seen them for 5 years. Plenty of time on my hands as they are all working. With this time one of the first jobs was to order a wetsuit and tow float. Taking part in an auction on eBay for the wetsuit where I ended up with a decent second-hand Blueseventy Reaction Tri wetsuit for £75.  I had to ask the seller to send it first class as there was a risk of it turning up here after I had left. To be quite honest the seller, (a triathlon competitor) couldn’t do enough to get it to me a.s.a.p. As always in sport, you get a great comradeship with many people who have the same interest.

The wetsuit turned up the next day and I now have this in my hand. It was a sense of great nervousness opening the parcel and seeing the outfit. Having never touched let alone wear a wetsuit before I was very hesitant to try it on without looking up for advice online. It ended up with me deciding to wait until I return home before zipping up and trying it out.

On the same day, a tow float arrived ordered from Wiggle who I had used before when buying cycling equipment. The model was a DHB safety buoy and bag. I felt that a biggish float with storage needed as it was reassuring knowing there is something substantial to hang on to at any time.

With the intention of finding a swimming pool here to use just fell off the end. Have to own up of not really wanting to spend a fortune on travel and fees being based here in a village. With that, it now remains to get back home and start up again in more familiar territory. I do feel like a foreigner and quite uneasy in the UK.

Fitness it ben g topped up with renovating my son’s garden during the week. Lots of digging over, weeding out brambles and rocks, raking and laying a patio area stones. Lost at least 2 kilograms since arriving here and resting heart rate down to 50 bpm.

My son has a bike with a seized front brake. It was a great temptation to sort that out and go cycling but that hasn’t happened to date with the garden project. With still two days here still time to get some in though albeit rain forecast in that time. I’d also have to buy work tools for the bike to get it serviced as there are none here at his home – You can tell he’s not a keen cyclist. He probably would be if he was living with me! I did actually ask him whether he wanted to do the swim with me in London, but he said he suffers from panic attacks in the water, just like me and said he was too young to die, unlike me! Shame, it would have loved to have my son as a companion with the challenge.

It remains now that I am determined to get some open water swims in Bulgaria with the wetsuit and tow float to hand. The beauty of that would be that it is free albeit a bit dangerous. If I look hard enough I might find a suitable place. As mentioned before, there is always the sea. In fact, my flight back to Bulgaria lands in Burgas Airport and is a five-minute walk to the coast and the Black Sea. Conceivably I could try out the wetsuit there on my return. I get back at around 10:30 on Friday having left here at 10:30 the previous night and I know I would have been without any sleep all night with the journey. So, tiredness might be a factor, but the adrenalin might kick in with the attempt.

Four months to go which is still ample time to push a bit more with endurance on the front crawl style with breaststroke recovery which worked well before the local pool shut down for repairs in April. One whole month without swimming feels like a lifetime, just hope it can be picked up close to where I left off.

Still nothing from the Bulgarian Swimming Federation to whom I emailed a few weeks ago now. This was just as I expected, and now have to take matters into my own hands finding water venues. Might surprise myself with the hunt now on once back home.

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