Sea Swimming

Posted on: 14 Aug 2019

Saturday 6th July – Sea Swimming

It was a trip to the Black Sea Coast that we both needed as Galia my partner hadn’t had a break since starting up work again back in May and I hadn’t had a swim for a few weeks. With only one day off a week, we decided to leave Saturday after she finished work and stay two nights returning Monday dropping her off to work early in the morning. Luckily for us, the drive is only an hour and twenty minutes away.

So, that’s what we did, with the plan for me to try out the wet suit which I just manage to get into the night before. It was a tight fit, but once in it felt quite comfortable albeit very warm. The temperatures here are bordering 30C every day during the summer months, something the wetsuit certainly isn’t designed for. It felt more like a sweatsuit than a wetsuit!

All packed we travelled and arrived looking forward to the break and sea activities.

We stayed at a place called Pomorie famous for its therapeutic mud that lies on the shore of Pomorie Bay, with the renowned salt plains and salt museum on site. The bay seems perfect for open water swimming, calm and can be easily followed along the coast, but the thought of smothering us over with the therapeutic mud for our aches and pains took precedent and the wetsuit and tow float remained unpacked.

There was however some swimming made in these waters and the freestyle seems so, so easy in these salt waters. This was found to be the case before in sea waters where your body is raised with the salt content and breathing to one side so much more comfortable with my head a few more centimetres above the water line each time I swivel to the side for breath. It was only a short session which was used to rinse the mud off my body but I could have stayed all day in these waters swimming, it felt good and gave more confidence.

The Sunday we visited the main Pomorie Beach with sand, not mud where at least an hour of swimming took place going from one buoy to another which was marked out along the coast. Again, very easy breaststroke with intermittent front crawl although it was more difficult breathing with waves hitting me and only having one side, the left in my breathing technique locker. I can see why bilateral breathing is a distinct advantage here. Still, no wetsuit or tow float used here mainly because it was far too hot over 30C. Might have considered it if we were to have made it to the beach really early, say 07:00. But all said and done, I manage really well without a wetsuit although I know the tow float for me would be a more essential part of the kit used in the swim.

It remains that I’ll have to try out the wetsuit another time, just to find out how it feels.

All said and done, some swimming was made, Galia had here deserved a break as we returned Monday morning quite calm and refreshed.

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