Couch to 5k #1 Alex Rec Park

Posted on: 19 Aug 2019

I have no idea how long I’ll be able to keep this blogging up but New Program, New Day, New Resolution.

Saturday saw me at Parkrun for the first time in simply AGES but not as a runner, simply as a bar-code scanner.  I felt very old fashioned and out of touch when I had to admit I do not have the Parkrun Volunteer App downloaded on my phone so could I have a scanner please?

Which worked after a fashion.  Dulwich Parkrun saw it’s 90,000th finisher (number 344) and it was my 20th Volunteer session

Right back to the program.  I had looked at the MBition programme for a 5k but it seemed too hard so I checked back with RealBuzz and decided I’d try their Beginner Couch to 5k Challenge.  (Or as I accidentally described it to a fellow Parkrun Volunteer – Couch to Potato)  Oops!

So after a lot of faffing about this morning (Monday) Clothes – Check, Trainers – Check, Phone (darn it’s not fully charged) - check, Power-Pack– check, Headphones – check, Water – phooey the bottle smells – after a good rinse and a new(ish) top – check, Back Pack to carry charger in – Check, Keys – check, Hat – Check, Warm-up Routine – forgotten! Best I can – Check.   I finally got out the door.

Headed over to Alexandra Recreation Park and decided to go Clockwise.  Run 60 seconds, Walk 90 seconds repeat for a total of 20 mins.  Don’t think it was the sunshine that had the sweat pouring off me!  I found it quite hard and was so happy when the ‘Cool Down’ message came over the headphone!  Cool Down walk home.  Bit stiff, mild aches but no pains - Check!

Day 1 complete.  Only problem now is the next session is due on Wednesday and we have a train to catch as we’re off to Clacton for the Air-Show.

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