Playing Catch Up Again!

Posted on: 05 Sep 2019

Hello Buzzers 😁

The usual mad rush that is my life has meant it’s been way too long since I put fingers to keyboard so here’s a brief (for me 😂😂) catch up 😊

Last time I was just about to do the Burnham Beeches 10k, which seems like a lifetime ago even though it was only on August 11th! I thought it was a trail race so I was very glad I checked their Facebook page and saw a load of comments where people who had also thought it a trail race had worn the wrong runners last year. Although the course is a gorgeous 10k through some of England’s finest beech woods, it’s all on closed roads. The organisation is fantastic and I’d recommend the race itself to anyone (they also do the half marathon at the same time, which is 2 laps of the course). There weren’t any horribly huge hills - reminded me a bit of the St Albans Half as there were long gentle uphill drags (for most of the first 6k!), but the 2k downhill that followed was such a pleasure to run 😊 The last 2k were undulating and the whole thing started and finished on a school playing field. I must admit, I didn’t like that at all - not keen on running on grass as it feels like running through treacle to me 😂 It was a nice sunny warm day but the humidity made it a bit harder than it should have been. I was more delighted that my stomach actually behaved itself 😉 Finished it in 1:12:51 which was a nice shiny new 10k PB for me (only by 19s but I’ll take that!) so very happy with that 😁


Since then, the usual Saturday parkrun’s where I’ve been within seconds of a new PB each time I’ve run so that’s also pleasing. The good news is that Richard has started walking and running again too with no further hip problems 😊 I’ve made the most of the opportunity to overtake him twice at parkrun because another week and he’ll be back up to speed 😂😂 We’ve had some very enjoyable training walks together already, the longest being a 20 miler. I’ve fitted in a couple of back to backs being mindful of my next challenge which is now imminent but training for ultra walking has not been what is has in previous years because of running as well. 

I was so looking forward to the Thames Path 100k which is coming up this weekend. Despite the lack of solid walk training, I’d been feeling very positive, pretty strong and was hoping to run/walk the TPC and take a decent chunk off my best time. A little gross stupidity 8 days ago saw that idea go flying out of the window 😥 Trying to save a little time at the end of the day, rather than get the step ladder out from the back of the garage,  I got an old small coffee table from the front of the garage so I could clip some dead heads off a climbing rose. I’ve used it as a step stool for years with not a single problem as it’s a hefty piece of solid oak. This time though, I’d placed it on a slight slope so yes ..... you can probably see what’s coming! One foot on but it wasn’t centred so when I hoiked my other leg up, the table rocketed into the side of my right shin bone like a hammer, then as I landed (quite gracefully too I might add 😂), my right ankle (which is already dodgy) rolled over and made a disturbing ‘crack’. I must say, it’s the first time something has hurt so much that I couldn’t even curse 😂 After 5 minutes sitting on the drive I hobbled into the garage and got out and applied an ice pack to the shin. The ankle didn’t actually hurt that much so I thought I’d got away with that one. 

Even after an hour with the ice pack on it was still so damned painful, just aching and aching without let up. With painkillers it settled enough to be tolerable though. We’d already planned a short night walk that night and true to form, I wasn’t going to miss it. It didn’t feel too bad really, just achy. Next morning was a different story though and it hurt like hell again and the ankle was also sticking its oar in as well 😕 And so it has continued since but thankfully, with the pain easing up a bit every day. Sensibly (for once), lots of RICE for the first 3 days as I wanted it settled as soon as possible. The sizeable lump on the shin bone is still untouchable but at least the bruise has faded to a beautiful bright yellow now 😊


A few days later (last Saturday) I was RD at parkrun, and again running a couple of minutes late so I thought I’d tie my bootlaces in the car on the way (yes, my stupidity knows no bounds 😂😂). I locked the front door, turned to go to the car and fell smack on my hip on the drive - I’d locked my bootlace in the door! I only wish someone had been videoing it so I could have got £250 for the performance 😂 The hip was a bit sore after but no damage done thank goodness. The worst thing was it shook my neck up and today is my first headache-free day since (win!). So, not exactly the kind of thing you want in the days before a major event! They say that things come in threes so I’ve been treading very carefully since the weekend (I wonder if cutting your toe while trimming your nails counts as number 3? Let’s hope so, because I did!). 

Two days to go and I’ve done a few short walks this week and still rested a lot, used a lot of ice, Arnica, witch hazel, Epsom salts - whatever I thought mint help. I tried a few running steps and that’s just not going to happen right now - sharp pain in the shin. Our NASS physio has a look at it on Tuesday evening and says it’s possible I’ve got a hairline fracture in the tibia but I’m telling myself it’s just a bad bone bruise 😊 Walking just feels a bit achy but I really have no idea how far I’ll get this weekend! Am I mentally prepared for a DNF? Probably not, but with Snowdon looming in a few weeks, I’m much more inclined to be sensible and not push things too far. I’ve made promises, so this time I have to behave myself 🙈 This will be my first solo 100k and the night section (should I get that far!) will be a real challenge as I’m not keen on the dark 😱 However, I bought myself a new chest mounted ‘running light’ and am very impressed with it already so maybe it won’t seem too dark after all 😊 Richard had to defer - after the hip issue for most of this year, he’s just not got the miles in his legs for 100k again yet. The up side is that he’ll be a tremendous support to me (as always) along the way 😊

If you’re so inclined, my race number is 2475 and there’s tracking after a fashion at

I’m down for a 9.10am start but I’m aiming to get there earlier in the hope they’ll let me start sooner 🤞🤞I’m also using the opportunity to raise funds to save my local NASS branch - whole story explained on my just giving page at If you’d like to add a quid or two to the pot, I’d be eternally grateful 😊 

Happy training everyone and see you on the other side! 😁

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