The bike storage quandary!

Posted on: 11 Sep 2019

I will be brutally honest I do not live in the most secure of area's.  I certainly can't leave my bike in the back garden as it will be gone over night.  (I learnt that the hard way) and nope I dont have a garage, so my bike is currently stored under the stairs with everything else like a game of tetris.  

So I decided in my wisdom to buy a shed to store my bike in, the option came up did I want to pay someone to assemble it for me???   Pah its a wooden box how hard can it be? 

Well boys and girls let me tell you now .........its poxy hard!

Firstly I had to beg a friend to be a helper as there was no way I could hold all the peices together and drill,  Of course I have to put a base down first so cue a lot of swearing.  

Still we managed to knock out a shed in about 4 hours and I convinced my helper I could felt the roof and do the pretty finishing touches on my own.  It turns out the carrying 7ft long bits of felt up a ladder and putting them on a roof and securing is not as easy as I thought, cue more swearing!  

Still after using every single swearwood in the dictionary and the extras that float around south London I managed to finish and I now have a nice little shed to keep my bike warm, dry and secure.  Now I can get it out the cupboard and finally get training on the open road rather then in the gym just in time for the rainy and winter weather.  

Note to all........Unless there is 2 of you who can read impossible instructions and wont get offended if you shout at each other, pay for someone else to assemble the shed! 

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