June Junketing

Posted on: 28 Oct 2019

I'm way behind with the blogging again! But it would be a pity to miss this episode, as it concerns one of our particular heroes. Think orange........ Yes, it's our very own Bolty, and his outing up the Spine of England in June.

Off we went to Edale, to catch up with him at registration. With our usual luck, our train was cancelled, so we had to fill in an hour and a half with a walk along the Sheffield canal, but we finally got there. Perfect timing, in fact, as he and Mandy were just walking across the car park as we arrived. We also found Raj there. After they had registered, there was conversation among the assembled runners (we eavesdropped with interest), checking of drop bag contents (Gerry's was amazingly organized, day by day - Mandy's work, I believe!), etc.